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Kore Junior Wobble Chair - 16"
Got Special KIDS|Kore Junior Wobble Chair - 16"

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Product Code: 6081

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Ergonomically designed, the Kore Wobble Chair transforms the conventional chair into a playground for your child's imagination. Regular chairs force children’s bodies to conform to an unnatural posture. The innovative Kore Wobble Chair encourages active sitting and allows one's knees, hips and back to find comfortable and ever-changing positions. Ideal for children of all ages, sizes and heights. Provides an outlet for all high-energy children. Kore Wobble Chairs work by increasing secondary focus. Continuous movement while sitting relaxes the right side of the brain, leading to better focus.

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  • Kore Wobble Chairs now include antimicrobial protection against the spread of common bacteria. Kore™ Kids Plastic Wobble Chairs are now manufactured with a patent-pending, FDA approved SMART PLASTIC Antimicrobial, which offers broad-spectrum protection for 99.9% of common bacteria including E. coli, listeria and S. aureus.