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Language Builder Emotion Cards
Got Special KIDS|Language Building Situational Scenario & Facial Expression Flash Cards

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Half (40) of the images are taken with the models against a plain background, showing only the upper body and face. These pictures feature 8 different people whose facial expressions clearly depict each of 5 basic emotions:

Happy * Sad * Angry * Surprised * Disgusted

The remaining 40 cards portray people in realistic emotion-provoking situations and activities taken in natural settings and contexts. The represented scenarios invite discussion about a range of emotions, why the people may feel that way, and possible appropriate and inappropriate responses to these feelings.

For the convenience of the instructor, the back of each card is numbered, provides a label for the featured image, and lists suggested activities for which the card is targeted. The back of the cards with the realistic scenarios offer suggested questions and conversation starters. For example, on the playing games card:

How do they each feel?

Why to they feel that way?

Who is winning?

Who is loosing?

What might happen next?

Do you like to play games?

What is your favorite game?

How do you feel when you win/loose?

An included activity booklet provides more detailed instruction ideas on how to build emotional awareness and social skills.

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