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Orchard Toys Tell the Time
Got Special KIDS|Orchard Toys Tell The Time

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A simple lotto game for ages 5-9 which will help children learn to tell the time. Each player chooses a game board while all the cards are placed face down on the table. Players then take it in turns to pick a card from the table and say the time aloud. The other players have to try to match the time with one of the fun and familiar activities illustrated on their game board. E.g. What time do you eat ice cream? When do you ride a bike? What time do you go on a school trip?

This educational game helps children to learn both analogue and digital times, concentrating on 15 minute increments - 'quarter past', 'half past', 'quarter to' and 'o'clock'. It can also be played just using the pictures for very young children. The attractive illustrations can be used to develop many further topics of conversation. As well as time telling, the game also aids maths, matching and literacy skills.