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Press N Glo Illuminator
Got Special KIDS|15" x 15" Portable Lightbox

Starting at: $225.00

: Subject to availability
Product Code: 3287

This portable light box features a 15” x 15” frosted light screen which illuminates and brings translucent objects to life! The illuminated surface can be used to back light gel pads and shapes which provides calming visual and tactile stimulation for children and adults. Illuminate drawings, transparent objects for the purpose of viewing or tracing.

  • Gel pad options that work well with the Press N Glo are:
    • Tic Tac Toe # 3245
    • Gel Maze # 2718
    • Spiral Activity Pad #3246
  • Screen illuminates with LED lights.
  • Unit operates under two power settings (pressure sensitive or continuous on).
  • Unit is portable and battery operated.