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Reusable Ear Plugs Corded
Got Special KIDS|Reusable Sensory Reduction Ear Plugs w/ Cord - NRR 25

Starts at: $1.69

Product Code: 8925

These economical plugs are flexible, 3-flange reusable ear plugs with a firm insertion stem. This built-in "handle" allows the user to control the angle of insertion, making it easier to get the deep, stable fit necessary for effective noise blocking. Unlike foam ear plugs, no rolling is required to insert these plugs correctly, and the user's fingers never touch the part of the plug that goes into the ear, improving hygiene. Removal is equally quick, clean, and easy.

  • Plugs are washable and reusable for weeks with no loss of comfort or effectiveness. For those who use ear plugs frequently, reusable plugs present significant savings over disposable foam plugs.
  • Comes in plastic case
  • NRR 25