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Sensory Reset Totes
Sensory Reset Tote

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Starting at: $129.95

Product Code: 4008

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Our Sensory Reset Totes are a must-have for any classroom or learning environment. Our portable totes are filled with age-appropriate sensory tools that will help students focus and self-regulate. Get students back on track with these sensory-rich tools that address a wide variety of sensory needs. Includes heavy duty stack-able tote with lid ($18.99 value).

Select your Sensory Reset Tote from the following age groups:
  • Preschool (ages 3+)
  • Elementary (ages 6-10)
  • Intermediate (ages 11-14)
  • High School (ages 14+)
  • Adult
Preschool: Hush Buddy Ear Muffs, Comfy Sensory Body Sack (Small), What Z'it 3D Puzzle, Senseez Vibrating Pillow, Sensory Shapes (6 pk), Spin Again, String My ABCs, Pop Tubes (set of 5). Sold separately $161.10

Elementary: Kids' Find It Game, Good Vibes Vibrating Brush Massager, Fabric Marble Maze, Comfy Sensory Body Sack (Large), Hearing Safe Ear Muffs, Bendeez, Stretchy Mice & Cheese, Ziggy Pasta Ball, Bubble Motion Tumbler, Weighted Puppet Snake (4 lbs). Sold separately $175.91

Intermediate: 2-Speed Vibrating Massager, Gel Weighted Lap Pad (7 lbs), Comfy Sensory Body Sack (Large), Tangle Relax, Stress-Less Gel Ball, Spaghetti Ball, Starcube, Hearing Safe Ear Muffs. Sold separately $148.10

High School: Spiral Drops Timer, Bug Out Bob, Vibrating Snake Massager, Tangle Totally Textured Fidget, Big Ball of Whacks, Body Sport Vestibular Disc, Ultimate 10 Noise Reduction Headphones. Sold separately $135.44

Adult: Ultimate 10 Noise Reduction Headphones, Gel Maze, Light Up Asterix Ball, Stretchy Mice & Cheese, Thinking Putty, Star Ball, U Fidget, Neon Pin Art, Light UP Fanimal. Sold separately $135.13

Total dimensions = 20" (L) x 17" (W) x 13" (H). Plenty of room for additional sensory favorites.