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Soothing Slumber Package
Got-Special KIDS|Soothing Package

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Calming & Bed Time Products for Children

This special all-in-one calming package for your child includes several essentials every parent must have. While we are the go-to resource for products designed to help children with learning disabilities, sensory disorders or developmental, many of the products in our selection are are simply geared toward the growing minds of children.
If you have a child that has trouble winding down at bed time or becomes restless, overwhelmed or uneasy, this bundle is indispensable. It includes:

Sealife Water Snake (8644)

This water-filled tube toy contains fish and turtles that are visually entertaining for those that love to to watch things move and twinkle. The soft and squeezable nature of this item appeals to both young and old, and provides a great avenue for stress relief. Kids who love texturally pleasing items will become immersed in the way the tube conforms to their hands, and silliness will ensue when the snake is squeezed too hard and takes a leap onto the floor.

Fuzzy Plushy Jelly Senseez Vibrating Pillow (3709)

Kids who are fixated on textures and find vibrational sensory input satisfying and calming love Senseez pillows. The tactile jelly is covered in baby soft minky rose fur fabric, which is as calming visually as it is to the touch. The jelly's eight dangling tentacles provide additional sensory input for children, whether they like to caress, squeeze, twist or knot them. The pillow provides a gently vibration designed to provide soothing sensory input for special kids of all ages.

Cloud B Tranquil Turtle (3647)

The Tranquil Turtle has something for everyone. Kids who enjoy visual toys will become immersed in the turtle's gentle, wave-like underwater light projection and the glowing shell, while the soothing melody or ocean wave sounds captivate and lull even the fussiest of sleepers to sleep. We love the turtle because it relieves tension, stress and anxiety, and for its adjustable brightness and active-time settings.

Lil Turtle Senseez Hot & Cold Pack (5360)

Even though Lil Turtle is designed to be there for you when you need to soothe bumps, aches or pains, its versatile hot/cold options also make this turtle a wonderful tool to help children relax and satisfy sensory input. The added bumpy textures and the tail provide extra features to fidget with, making Lil Turtle a versatile companion for sleeping, calming, playing and nurturing those occasional boo-boos.

Green Smooth Key Chewy Tubes Super Chew (3297)

Chewy Tubes are some of the most sought-after and versatile oral stim products online. Engaging in mouthing or chewing for concentration or relaxation isn't uncommon, but for children who specifically seek oral stimulation through chewing, products designed to handle the stress are a must-have. The Super Chew is resilient, latex-free and completely non-toxic, and is appropriate for all ages because it's easy to grab and doesn't have choking risks.