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Got Special KIDS|The BAR

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The BAR basement and rafter swing holder is inexpensive and easily turns any space with exposed beams into a swinging area. It’s solid design and top quality components allow for linear motion swinging and spinning with rotation swivel.

The BAR is made of steel, is 40 inches long and supports up to 300 lbs. Our Smooth Swingin’ Rope Hangers eliminate the squeaks and grinds of metal rubbing against metal as is common in many other swing systems. Families will love our silent Smooth Swingin’ Rope Hangers, the BAR’s convenient design, and the versatility of three hanging points in one simple and safe unit.

You will need to attach the BAR to three overhead beams. These beams need to be 16″ on center (spaced apart). For standard wood frame buildings you are attaching 3 L Brackets to the 3 beams using two 5/16″ bolts for each. So, you are drilling six 5/16″ holes all together.

It is not a difficult job (should take about an hour) for someone with a little experience and tools.