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Toddler Safety Toothbrush
Got Special KIDS|Toddler Safety toothbrush by preventive dental specialties

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Starts at: $2.98

Product Code: 3641


Reduces teething pain and improves gum circulation. Recommended by dentists nationwide for introducing oral hygiene to toddlers. Soft bristles remove plaque and brush cannot be over-inserted.

1. Soft-end, rounded bristles remove plaque, the major cause of eruption gingivitis.

2. Special shape has rounded edges, and was designed wide enough to prevent any possibility of over-insertion or injury to child's mouth.

3. Remember: children are precious and no product replaces adult supervision.

4. The Safety Toothbrush was designed to brush the child's teeth. Brushing should only take a couple of minutes.

5. Do not let the child chew on the bristles. Store the Safety Toothbrush with other toothbrushes after brushing. If the child is teething, let the child chew on a teething ring after brushing.

Comes in assorted colors. Made in the USA!