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Wacky Web
Got Special KIDS|Wacky Web

Starts at: $15.50

Product Code: 3327


A bright, hand made maze that combines eye-hand coordination with visual perception and provides proprioceptive input.

Wacky Web consists of a two-sided felt fabric mat (red and blue) with a smiley face bead that runs along a cord. The cord is woven through slits in the fabric on both sides of the mat. The aim is to maneuver the bead through the ins and outs of the fabrics (alternately turning the mat from red to blue side) and get the bead out at the opposite end.

Dimensions approximately 6.25” x 6.5”.

Can be hand-washed and air dried for repeated use.

WARNING: This product contains small parts which could present a choking hazard. To insure the safety of the user, adequate supervision is recommended.