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We have some exciting new products for you to try! We've added fidgets, toys, games, furniture and more! Take a peek at what's new! Can't find what you are looking for? Don't hesitate to contact us - we'd love to hear from you!
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Got-Special KIDS|Squeezy Bead Emoticon Stress Ball Squeezy Bead Emoticon Stress Ball

Emoji stress balls!

Starts at: $1.00
Got-Special  KIDS|2.5" Stress Planet Balls 2.5" Stress Planet Balls

A great stress relieving sensory sensation!

Starts at: $1.00
Got-SpecialKIDS|4" Bendable Zoo Animals 4" Bendable Zoo Animals

Great party favor - collect all 4!

Starts at: $1.25
Got-SpecialKIDS|Pom Pom Ball Bracelet Pom Pom Ball Bracelet

Made from soft and spiky silicone pom pom balls.  Comfortable to wear!

Starts at: $1.75
Got-Special KIDS|2.75" Squeeze Dino Egg 2.75" Squeeze Dino Egg

Squeeze me!

Starts at: $1.75
Got-SpecialKIDS|3" Squish Donut Squish Donut - 3"

Squeezable, super-soft, slow rising stress toy shaped like donuts.

Starts at: $2.00
Got-Special KIDS|Ridged Foam Pencil Grip Ridged Foam Pencil Grip (Set of 5)

Soft and cushiony for all ages!

Our Price: $2.00
Got-Special KIDS|Extreme Gel Pencil Grip Extreme Gel Pencil Grip (Set of 5)

Comforting gel with multiple textures and colors!

Our Price: $2.00
Got-Special KIDS|6" Squish Ice Cream 6" Squish Ice Cream

A squishy, sensory, stress-relieving fidget.

Starts at: $2.75
Got-SpecialKIDS|Sensory Wiggle Easter Bunny -5" Sensory Wiggle Easter Bunny - 5"

Easter gift for fidgety hands!

Starts at: $3.00
Got-Special KIDS|3" Squish And Stretch Cat 3" Squish And Stretch Cat

A squeeze and squish delish!

Starts at: $3.00
Got-SpecialKIDS|3" Farm Animal Squeezy Bead Plush 3" Farm Animal Squeezy Bead Plush

Soft plush outside - bean-filled inside! Uniquely satisfying!

Starts at: $3.50
Got-Special KIDS|3" Plush Squeezy Bead Zoo Animals 3" Plush Squeezy Bead Zoo Animals

An amazing squishy, plush experience!

Starts at: $3.50
Squish Plush Jungle Animals Squish Plush 3" Jungle Animals

These 3" Squish Plush Jungle Animals are great for squishing and relieving stress.

Starts at: $4.00
Got-SpecialKIDS|12' Collapsible Ball 12' Collapsible Ball

Combines science, geometry, and design.  Variety of colors!

Starts at: $4.50
Got-SpecialKIDS|Guac Squeeze Fidget Guac Squeeze Fidget

Large soft, squishy, and squeezy fidget. Provides soothing tactile stimulation.

Starts at: $7.00
Sale Price: $5.00
Savings: $2.00
Got-Special Kids|Flash Puffer Yoyo Ball Flash Puffer YoYo Ball

Lights up!  Loved by kids and adults!

Starts at: $5.00
Got-Special KIDS|Therapy Putty Therapy Putty for Resistive Hand Exercises 3oz.

Four variable resistances for hand rehab and stress relief.

Starts at: $5.00
Got-Special Kids|Grow Sloth Grow Sloth

Place him in water and watch him GROW!

Starts at: $6.50
Got-SpecialKIDS|Chew Stixx REACH Sensory Chew Chew Stixx REACH Sensory Chew

Chew Stixx REACH Sensory Chew

Starts at: $9.00
Got-SpecialKIDS|Chew Stixx Chew Lolli Knobby Textured Chew Stixx Chew Lolli Knobby

Simulates the ever changing textures of food to help with sensory issues.

Starts at: $9.00
Got-SpecialKIDS|Grip Stixx by Chew Stixx Grip Stixx by Chew Stixx

Chewable Hand and Oral Fidget.

Starts at: $9.00
Got-Special KIDS | Chew Stixx Chew Lolli Swirl Chew Stixx Chew Lolli Swirl

Chewable hand fidget for children craving sensory input and the input received from destructive oral motor grinding.

Starts at: $9.00
Got-Special KIDS|Duo Spoon 3-Pack Dual Stimulation Spoons - 3 pack

Oral motor stimulating dual-sided spoons

Starts at: $10.99
Got-SpecialKIDS|18" Rainbow Hopper Ball 18" Hopper Ball

Pump included - hours of fun!!

Starts at: $12.50
Himalayan Salt Night Light Himalayan Salt Night Light

Home décor meets wellness. Emits a warm, soft, relaxing glow.

Starts at: $13.00
Vinyl Wrap Covers for Ropes Vinyl Wrap Covers for Ropes

Keep your therapy equipment clean and sanitary!

Starts at: $15.00
Got-SpecialKIDS|ANGELS REST COT SHEET – STANDARD GINGHAM Angels Rest Cot Sheet - Standard Gingham

Machine washable and dryable!

Starts at: $16.00
Got-Special KIDS|Social and Emotional Learning Activities Evan-Moor Social and Emotional Learning Activities

A whole book of SEL activities for teachers or parents.

Our Price: $17.00
Got-SpecialKIDS|ANGELS REST COT NAME CLIP – 5 PACK Angels Rest Cot Name Clip - 5 Pack

Fits all Angeles® cots. Name clips fit easily to the side of cots.

Starts at: $17.99