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Special Needs Chew Toys & Tools Product Guide

For kids with special needs, chewy items such as tubes, necklaces or bracelets serve a variety of purposes. Chewing can provide a healthy outlet for stimmers or anxious kids by relieving pressure, and can be a vital therapy tool for those who need it.

Our Therapy Products

Chewy Tubes

Chewy TubesChewy Tubes were designed to help kids as well as adults with special needs develop biting and chewing skills. They can easily be used bilaterally to build strength in individuals who lack the proper musculature to accomplish unilateral chewing.
Because chew tubes are firm yet malleable, they offer a wide range of jaw motions, replicating the various jaw positions that are needed for chewing, swallowing and proper speech.

Chewy Tubes are comprised of FDA-approved non-toxic polymer material, and do not contain PVC or phthalates. The chew tube design features a corrugated handle for therapists to hold on to while patients practice their chewing. Chewy Tubes come in various sizes that are appropriate for use from infants to adult, and offer a range of textures designed to help with sensitivities.


Y-ChewieY-Chews are a similar product to Chewy Tubes. The three-point design allows for easy handling during therapy sessions or by the chewer themselves. Each arm of the Y-Chew has a different texture and offers a different shape and size.
Easily used in the front or in the molar area of the mouth, this chew is designed for a wide range of applications. Just like Chewy Tubes, this chew assist in oral exploration and to improve movement in the cheeks, tongue, lips and jaw. Use it to improve biting skills or to provide relief for kids and adults who engage in nervous chewing or teeth grinding behaviors. Because of its textures, it can decrease oral sensitivities.
The Y-Chew consists of medical-grade FDA-compliant materials and contain no latex, lead, PVC, or phthalates.


Chewy Sensory GrabberGrabbers are another variety of therapy chew. These products are easily held even by infants, offering a wide range of applications from teething relief to therapeutic mouth play. The grabber can be used on the sides of the mouth with its long portion or at the front using the ring portion. The textured ends are designed with three different surfaces to add extra tactile sensations to the lips, cheeks and tongue.
Grabbers are available from soft to firm, and in various sizes to accommodate everyone. The Grabber's built-in handle makes it easy to hold on to while its resilient material allow repeated and vigorous chewing.
Grabbers are made from FDA-compliant materials and do not contain latex.

Our Sensory Products

Necklaces & Buds

Chewy Necklace BudOur necklaces come in a variety of colors and in a range of pendant designs for both boys and girls. Necklaces offer an ideal solution for those with sensory needs and a propensity toward chewing in public.
If your child chews his or her shirt or other items at home or school, a sensory necklace is a safe fidget solution. Because these items look like necklaces and can be tucked away under a shirt, they are also a discreet alternative to tubes and other items older kids may not feel comfortable with.

Chewable jewelry is designed for light to moderate chewers, and those who crave a chewable fidget to focus or self-soothe. Our necklaces are made from a non-toxic polyurethane material that is latex-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free and lead-free.


Chewable Sensory Fidget BraceletsSimilar to our necklaces, chewable bracelets are a great way to give kids the distractions they need in order not to chew on other inappropriate items such as clothing. For those who crave oral stimming and appreciate fashion, chewable bracelets are the best of both worlds. These non-toxic products are fun, colorful and stretch easily to give kids plenty of leeway when chewing.

Kids with special needs do better when they have appropriate and socially acceptable outlets for their stimming behaviors. If your child finds relief from chewing at school or in social situations, a bracelet may be a great alternative to chew tubes or sticks.

Still not sure which product would suit your child best? Contact us with your questions. We’re glad to help.