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400 Pre-Laminated Word Cards for Toddlers & Children Customizable Picture Communication Binder Kit 400

400+ Pre-laminated and Cut Communicaton Cards with Great Graphics !  The Work is Done for You.  Ready to Use!

Our Price:: $99.95
Hiding Hat Game is a sensory hide and seek game that gets kids engaged Speech Corner - The Hiding Hat Game

Children love the element of surprise!

Our Price:: $23.99
Sale Price: $13.99
Savings: $10.00
QuickTalker S QuickTalker S

Simple sequential communication!

Our Price:: $95.00
QuickTalker 7 QuickTalker 7

A portable, dedicated, speech generating device.

Our Price:: $165.00
QuickTalker 12 QuickTalker 12

A go-anywhere communicator!

Our Price:: $185.00
QuickTalker 23 QuickTalker 23

23 messages in an easy to use communicator.

Our Price:: $205.00
Juke 24 Portable Jukebox Juke 24 Portable Jukebox

Juke 24 lets you listen to your favorite songs, stories, lessons at the touch of a button, as often as you want!

Our Price:: $81.99
400 Pre-Laminated Word Cards for Toddlers & Children 400 Pre-Laminated Word Cards for Toddlers & Children

400+ Pre-laminated and Cut Communicaton Cards with Great Graphics !  The Work is Done for You.  Ready to Use!

Our Price:: $74.99
BIGmack Communicator BIGmack Communicator

Popular single message communicator

Our Price:: $139.95
QuickTalker 1 QuickTalker 1

Easy-to-use communicator!

Our Price:: $72.00
LITTLE Step-by-Step LITTLE Step-by-Step

Record any series of messages into the LITTLE Step-by-Step communicator.

Our Price:: $165.00
LITTLE Step-by-Step with Levels LITTLE Step-by-Step with Levels

Now has 4-minutes record time, three recording levels, and supports an external switch for alternative methods of access.

Our Price:: $195.00

Create an environment in which they can communicate with you in an appropriate, healthy and effective way. At Got-Special KIDS we specialize in providing tools that will help your child’s learning development in the most formidable stage of their life. A crucial part of that development is the quality of their communication skills.

Kids are naturally expressive, and when communication is impeded, frustration occurs and proper learning and development come to a halt. Every child has the right to communicate his or her needs and emotions, and enabling them to do so allows them to grow to reach their full potential. Our communication devices do more than just make you aware of your child’s basic needs. They also help your child express and deal with their emotions in a healthy manner. Here, you’ll find quicktalkers, portable jukeboxes, emotion wheels, communication cards, talking photo albums, word cards, learning cards and so much more.

Our quick talkers and communicator buttons allow you to program small and important messages that communicate basic needs such as hunger, thirst and bathroom breaks. For more advanced communication, use our emotion wheels that include reactions such as agitated, over-excited, impatient, discouraged, sad, angry, scared and tired. This device pairs well it with a solution wheel, which allows kids and adults to ask for a calming object or a comforting hug in order to control or alleviate any negative feelings they might be experiencing. Being able to let go of overwhelming emotions helps to create a safe environment that can improve self awareness and the ability to empathize.