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Games to Help Kids Understand Emotions

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Emotions in Motion Wheel Emotions in Motion Wheel

Help your child or student manage their emotions and find a solution quickly!

Our Price:: $7.95
Emoji Bracelet - Set of 5 Emoji Bracelet - Set of 5

Fun slap bracelets with five different & fun-loving emoji's!

Our Price:: $9.49
Teen Feeling's Poster Teen Feeling's Poster

Helps teen's recognize & understand feelings.

Our Price:: $9.95
What Do I Do? Conversation Cards Eeboo What Do I Do? Conversation Cards

Help children understand how to handle social situations with poise, grace and confidence!

Our Price:: $11.99
Eeboo I Heard Your Feelings Conversation Cards Eeboo I Heard Your Feelings Conversation Cards

Help children recognize and express their feelings!

Our Price:: $11.99
"I Feel" Stamps Set "I Feel" Stamps Set

The perfect tool for teaching all about emotions

Our Price:: $15.39
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Watch This Face Puzzle Pairs Eeboo Watch This Face Puzzle Pairs

Match situations with emotional responses.

Our Price:: $15.99
All About Faces Card Game All About Faces Card Game

Recognizing the feelings of others is a vital skill for all social interaction.

Our Price:: $17.99
ADHD Self Control Problem Solving Cards ADHD Self Control Problem Solving Cards

Deal with ways to develop impulse control.

Our Price:: $18.95
Trauma Reaction Cards for Children & Adolescents Trauma Reaction Cards for Children & Adolescents

Therapeutic tool to assist understanding & identifying reactions to trauma & stressful events.

Our Price:: $19.89
Hidden Rules Card Games Hidden Rules Card Games - A Game that Teaches Everyday Social Skills

4 interactive card games that teach school age children "unwritten" social rules. Purchase individually or the complete set!

Starting at: $22.95
What Should I Do Now? What Should I Do Now?

A card game that that teaches social decision making.

Our Price:: $22.95
Caring About Others Card Game Dr. Playwell's Caring About Others Card Game

Designed to encourage children to understand & care about the feelings of others.

Our Price:: $22.95
Dr. Playwell's Controlling Anger Dr. Playwell's Controlling Anger

Help kids take control of their anger before it takes control of them

Our Price:: $22.95
Dr. Playwell's Coping With Stress Dr. Playwell's Coping With Stress

Help kids learn how to handle stress.

Our Price:: $22.95
Dr. Playwell's Positive Thinking Dr. Playwell's Positive Thinking

Encourage children to develop a more positive attitude

Our Price:: $22.95
Dr. Playwell's Communicating Feelings Dr. Playwell's Communicating Feelings

Game makes talking about feelings fun!

Our Price:: $22.95
Photo Social Stories Cards Photo Social Stories Cards

Based on techniques developed by Carol Gray, Photo Social Stories teach children appropriate behavior in all kinds of settings.

Starting at: $23.95
Bullies, Victims & Bystanders Bullies, Victims & Bystanders

Teach compassion and encourage kindness in the community and classroom!

Our Price:: $27.99
No More Meltdowns Game No More Meltdowns Game

Help children learn how to avoid meltdowns!

Our Price:: $29.95
Know the Code Know the Code

Learn social behaviors at school!

Starting At: $29.99
Social Skills Board Games Social Skills Board Games

6 games teach children’s social skills and reinforce positive character traits.

Our Price:: $29.99
Language Builder Emotion Cards Language Builder Emotion Cards

Help students identify and discuss feelings and emotions. This 80 card set features individuals from ages 1 to 70 yrs old, not just young children!!

Our Price:: $32.99
Coping Skills Bingo Coping Skills Bingo

Help young teens address and handle stresses in their lives by learning easy-to-implement coping skills.

Our Price:: $36.95
Bully Prevention Bingo Bully Prevention Bingo

Empower teens to handle and prevent bullying.

Our Price:: $36.95
Berenstain Bears - Good Behavior Bingo Berenstain Bears - Good Behavior Bingo

Kids love playing bingo and this interactive game will help improve emotional intelligence and behavior!

Our Price:: $36.95
Impulse Control Board Game Impulse Control Board Game

Teaches seven specific skills that help children control impulses.

Our Price:: $44.95
Feelings Fair Feelings Fair

Learn to handle difficult situations .

Our Price:: $49.95
From Rage to Reason From Rage to Reason

From Rage to Reason is designed to teach practical skills for controlling anger and avoiding violence. Players earn play money by giving good advice on how to deal with frustrating and anger provoking situations.

Our Price:: $49.95
Explore Social Skills 2 Explore Social Skills 2

A skills-based curriculum to develop an understanding of emotions and facial cues.

Our Price:: $99.00

Everyone learns differently, and no one is born with the right set of resources to succeed in life. A big part of becoming a successful special needs adult is being able to control impulse behavior, managing emotions and being able to recognize the emotions and subtle emotional cues of others. These skills are required to make and keep friends, to find work and to form lasting relationships. Help your child practice good behavior and manage emotions through positive and consistent teaching that uses learning tools they can understand.

Our selection of games and activities to help kids recognize and manage emotions are designed set them on a path toward success. With plenty of fun and rewarding outcomes, they'll want to play again and again. The more you play with your child, the better his or her changes of success are! Shop for games that provide insight into facial cues and problem solving, as well as tools that help older kids control anger, cope with stress and think positively. We carry a range of toys and games for kids of all ages.