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Got Special Kids| What Z'it Bendable, Colorful Wooden Blocks w/ Elastic Band What Z'it Fidget Toy

Twist, turn and bend into unlimited shapes.

Starting At $4.00
Got Special KIDS|Sealife Water Snake Sealife Water Snake

Twist, turn and bend into unlimited shapes.

Starting At: $5.00
Got Special KIDS|Mini Bendable Fidget Mini Bendable Uniformed Figure Fidget

A ready-to-go fidget that keeps young hands busy!

Our Price: $6.50
Got Special KIDS|Flexi Crystal Brainteaser Puzzle Flexi Crystal Brainteaser Puzzle

Flex your mind with Bendy, Stretchy, Fun!

Our Price: $9.00
Got Special KIDS| Have fun stretching with Yoga Dice! Thinkfun Yoga Dice

Fun game of rolling and posing.

List Price: $15.99
Our Price: $12.00
Savings: $3.99
Got Special KIDS|Heart & Starts Stars & Hearts - Finger Dexterity Game

Increase finger strength with our "sensory search" maze game!

Our Price: $15.00
Got Special KIDS|Follow the Leader Fabric Finger Dexterity Game with 5 Enclosed Beads Follow the Leader - Finger Dexterity Game

Follow the Leader develops fine motor and visual tracking skills. Portable and fun!

Our Price: $15.50
Got Special KIDS|Hide 'N Slide Hide 'N Slide - Finger Dexterity Game

Encourage finger isolation and strengthening with Hide 'N Slide!

Our Price: $15.75
Got Special KIDS|Croc 'n' Roll Interactive Electronic Game Croc 'n' Roll Interactive Electronic Game

Dodge the crazy croc!

Our Price: $15.99
Fat Brain Trestle Tracks Builder Sets Fat Brain Trestle Tracks Builder Sets

Trestle Tracks is a unique collection of marble and track. Each set is made up of hollow stacking cubes and a variety of flat tracks. The paths cut out of each track widen almost imperceptibly from one end to the other, creating an invisible slope that propels the marbles forward. Sold as a Starter Set - 43 pieces or The Builder - 73 pieces. Can also be collected and combined, for the ultimate building experience.

  • Builder Set - 1 catcher, 1 topper, 55 risers, 5 stanless steel marbles, 10 unique tracks, base grid.
  • Start Set - includes - 1 catcher, 1 topper, 30 risers, 5 stainless steel marbles, 6 unique track.
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, creativity, engineering skills, and problem solving.
  • Builder Set features a base grid for added stability.
  • Follow guided builds or invent your own structures.

  • AGES 8+ ** NOTE: small parts present choking hazard.

Our Price: $17.95
Got Special KIDS|Learning Resources 1-2-3 Build It! Robot Factory Learning Resources 1-2-3 Build It! Robot Factory

What kind of robots can you dream up?

List Price: $24.99
Our Price: $22.50
Savings: $2.49
Got Special Kids | 6-Foot Kid's Rope Ladder w/ Wooden Rungs - Max Weight 105lb Climbing Rope Ladder

Rope ladder provides endless fun!

Our Price: $22.99
Dance Charades Dance Charades

Dance Charades has 40 second song clips to dance out as many of the dance charades cards as you can. You get a point for each correct dance charade the other players guess. The other players can also reward you with dancing points by throwing purple tokens to you while you dance. Have fun while being active. Great for get togethers.

Contains 300 dance cards, audio CD, 45 scoring tokens, score pad, pencil and rules. 4 or more players, ages 6 and up.
Discontinued - only 1 left in stock!

Our Price: $25.00
Got Special KIDS|Bouncy Band Wiggle Feet Quietly enables movements while working as the relaxing deep pressure fosters the ability to stay on task and be more productive Bouncy Band Wiggle Feet Blue Sensory Cushion

Help students focus, stay on task, and enjoy learning!

Our Price: $29.99
Got Special KIDS|Yogarilla Exercises and Activities 55 Card Yoga Deckoffers The 55 yoga poses and 110 activities in this oversized, colorfully illustrated 6" x 8" card deck help children understand how their bodies and minds work together. Yogarilla Exercises and Activities 55 Card Yoga Deck

Help children to understand their bodies and to relax with this 55 deck and 110 activity card deck.

List Price: $49.95
Our Price: $44.95
Savings: $5.00
Got Special KIDS|CanDo Inflatable Sensory Saddle Rolls CanDo Peanut Inflatable Sensory Saddle Rolls

Our Sensory Saddle is textured with a "nubby" surface which provides tactile stimulation to active seating and ball therapy routines.

Starting at: $45.00
Got Special KIDS|Textured Stepping Stone CanDo - Textured Stepping Stone Set of 6

Take the balance challenge!

Our Price: $60.59
Got Special KIDS|Gonge Seesaw provides hours of active play and gross motor skill development Gonge Seesaw

Active play that builds coordination and balance!

Our Price: $65.99
Got Special Kids|Abilitations Core Disk for Stability & Balance Skills CoreDisk

Support kids and teens who can't sit still with CoreDisk!

Starting at: $67.00
Got Special Kids | River Stone features a soft base and a hard top platform supported by three strong steel springs to enable bouncing, which requires adjustment through the child's ankles and legs, making it a more challenging activity than simply Gonge Riverstones

Step into coordination, balance and fun!

Our Price: $74.99
Got Special KIDS|Pacific Play Institutional 9 Ft. Tunnel - Blue Pacific Play Institutional 9 Ft. Tunnel

Kids love crawling through this tunnel of fun!

Our Price: $75.00
Got Special KIDS|Gonge Island  Set of 2 Gonge Island Set of 2

Step into coordination, balance and fun!

Our Price: $81.99
Got Special KIDS|Resistance Tunnel 9 ft long Resistance Tunnel 9 ft long

Kids love this stretchy tunnel.

Our Price: $85.00
Gonge River Set of 6 Gonge River Set of 6

Step into coordination, balance and fun!

Our Price: $85.99
Gonge Riverstones with Bouncing Riverstone Set of 4 balancing platforms and one wobbling, bouncing platform Gonge Bouncing Riverstones - Set of 5

Develop balance and coordination!

Our Price: $109.99
Got Special KIDS| Side-to-Side Baltic Birch Plywood Portable Swing Glider Homestand Birch Glider

The Glider is a fun and stimulating swing, great for improving balance.

Starting at: $149.50
Got Special KIDS|Soft Balance Beam Children's Factory Soft Balance Beam

Allows for the perfect balance between safety and exploration.

List Price: $179.99
Our Price: $175.00
Savings: $4.99
Children's Factory Edu-Ring Children's Factory Edu-Ring

You can make a ring, a slide, a balance beam - whatever you like!

List Price: $224.99
Our Price: $215.00
Savings: $9.99
Got Special Kids | The Build and Balance Obstacle Set allows children to create courses and landscapes that will be challenging and fun. Gonge Build N Balance Set

Combine parts to make obstacle courses and challenging balance activities!

Starting at: $329.99
Gonge Build N' Balance Intermediate Set G-2238 is the next step up in difficulty for balance and coordination Gonge Build N Balance Intermediate Set

Increasing difficulty over the Build N' Balance Set

Our Price: $429.99
Got Special Kids | Exciting and challenging balancing system. The elements can be combined in countless ways so use your imagination to set up all the balance courses and landscapes you can build. Gonge Build N Balance Advanced Set

More components make this activity set more fun and challenging!

Our Price: $699.99
Advantage Line Scooter Board & Ramp Advantage Line Scooter Board and Ramp

Easy to assemble & easy to store!

Our Price: $806.00

Most of us don't think about the various skills we need to develop in order to complete everyday tasks. But whether we're writing, getting dressed, throwing or catching, riding a bike or even walking, we're using a skill called "bilateral coordination".
Bilateral coordination is another way of saying "coordinating both sides of the body to work together". When we can coordinate our limbs individually and move them in a controlled and organized manner, all kinds of actions that could otherwise not be performed can occur. Bilateral coordination is the skill that allows us to hold a sandwich steady with one hand while cutting it with the other. It's the skill that's needed to pedal downward with one foot while pedaling upward with the other; it allows us to play instruments and tie our shoes, and it's the skill we need to throw one handed.

Unlike grasping an object with both hands, bilateral coordination is critical to performing movements where one side of the body is doing something different than the other side. This is a skill that typically starts to develop by the time children are three to four years old, when they've started to become familiar with the skill of crossing the midline of the body. Before children acquire the skill of crossing the midline, they will use their right hand on the right side of the body and their left hand for things that are happening on the left side.

Crossing the midline is a critical milestone to mastering bilateral coordination. Crossing the midline is a good indicator that both sides of the brain are communicating, and it helps children practice fine motor skills on a deeper level. When your child crosses the midline, he or she can use both hands equally to develop hand dominance and even core stability. Crossing the midline is a stepping stone for bilateral coordination, and as bilateral coordination develops, the ability to spontaneously cross the midline will develop even more. Children that avoid crossing the midline ultimately have difficulty with bilateral coordination and tend to have two weak hands rather than one dominant one.

In addition to crossing the midline, another important foundation to bilateral coordination is body awareness.
Also known as proprioception, body awareness helps us to understand where our body is in space. People with poor proprioception are more clumsy and may be fearful of their surroundings, and because they don’t receive proper feedback from their muscles and joints, they tend to have a lot of difficulty coordinating both sides of their body to complete bilateral tasks.

There are a range of important skills that need to be met before other skills to begin to develop. We carry a range of products designed to help children develop better bilateral coordination by addressing it at its foundation.

For crossing the midline skills, try:

To improve proprioception, we recommend:

To generally develop better bilateral coordination try:

Everyday Activities for Bilateral Integration:

  • Spreading butter on bread
  • Beading & lacing
  • Playground activities
  • Picking up fall leaves or seashells
  • Riding a bike
  • Paper cutting or tearing
  • Building with legos or duplos
  • Throw/catch games
  • Flying a kite
  • Painting on an easel
  • Helping carry groceries