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Got Special Kids | The Build and Balance Obstacle Set allows children to create courses and landscapes that will be challenging and fun. Gonge Build N' Balance Set

Combine parts to make obstacle courses and challenging balance activities!

Starting at: $299.99
Got Special KIDS|Children's Factory Butterfly Climber Children's Factory Butterfly Climber

A friendly butterfly children can climb all over!

Our Price:: $515.98
Got Special KIDS|Yogarilla Exercises and Activities 55 Card Yoga Deckoffers The 55 yoga poses and 110 activities in this oversized, colorfully illustrated 6" x 8" card deck help children understand how their bodies and minds work together. Yogarilla Exercises and Activities 55 Card Yoga Deck

Help children to understand their bodies and to relax with this 55 deck and 110 activity card deck.

Our Price:: $44.95
Got Special Kids| La Siesta Joki - Hanging Nest Swing La Siesta Joki - Organic Cotton Hanging Nest Swing -New & Improved!

Organic Cotton Kids Hanging Nest

Our Price:: $159.90
Got Special KIDS|Edushape Mini Rainbowmaker - 8" is an exciting and colorful see-through prism walls so kids can view what creates those soothing, calming and relaxing sounds. Edushape Mini Rainbowmaker - 8"

Multi-sensory experience for young children!

Our Price:: $10.69
Got Special KIDS|Croc 'n' Roll Interactive Electronic Game Croc 'n' Roll Interactive Electronic Game

Dodge the crazy croc!

Our Price:: $15.99
Edushape - Magic Shapes - with board - 54 pieces Edushape - Magic Shapes - with board - 54 pieces

Magic Shapes stimulate imagination in a unique way. Great for children and adults alike, this irresistible toy features gentle magnet receptors around the perimeter of the pieces (circles are pop-in and not magnetized). Open-ended play is an important and encouraged type of play

Magnetic receptors are strong enough to hold Magic Shape pieces together, yet not strong enough to be a hazard.

Magic Shapes stick together to create gravity-defying designs.

Our Price:: $16.99
Got Special KIDS|18" Hoppy Ball with Pump 18" Hoppy Ball with Pump

Promote balance coordination, and develop core strength while having fun!

Our Price:: $20.24
Fat Brain Toys Dizzy Bees Fat Brain Toys Dizzy Bees

The three bees connect magnetically to stack atop the reversible honeycomb base. Spin them, wobble them, and then pull them apart to explore each one.
The textured silicone wings fascinate the fingers while bright colors and big friendly eyes send the imagination soaring.

  • Set of magnetic bees to stack, spin, and explore
  • Encourages fine motor skills, sensory learning, tactile discovery, imaginative play
  • Stack the bees atop the honeycomb base
  • Wings and faces made of soft 100% food-grade silicone
  • Bodies made of sturdy ABS plastic
  • Includes 3 bees, honeycomb base
  • Bees each measure 4 x 1.75 x 2.25 inches
  • BPA-Free - Fully safety tested
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability
  • Our Price:: $21.95
    Got Special Kids | 6-Foot Kid's Rope Ladder w/ Wooden Rungs - Max Weight 105lb Climbing Rope Ladder

    Rope ladder provides endless fun!

    Our Price:: $22.99
    Got Special KIDS|Thera-Band Pro Stability Balls - Available in Sm, Med, Lg & XLg Thera-Band Pro Stability Ball

    Slow deflation, burst resistant & enhanced performance!

    Starting at: $23.99
    Got Special KIDS|Scooter Board with Handles Scooter Board with Handles

    Rugged scooters for hours of action!

    Starting At: $26.00
    Super Duper 4 Kid Play Tent Pacific Play Super Duper 4 Kid Play Tent

    Great for hours of imaginative play.

    Our Price:: $39.99
    Got Special KIDS|Gonge Island  Set of 2 Gonge Island Set of 2

    Step into coordination, balance and fun!

    Our Price:: $51.50
    Got Special KIDS|Yuck-E-Balls, 3-1/2 Inches, Assorted Colors, Set of 6 Yuk-E-Balls, 3-1/2 Inches, Assorted Colors, Set of 6

    Yuk-E-Balls provide kinesthetic feedback, a very versatile therapy tool & squishy fun!

    Our Price:: $53.90
    Got Special KIDS|Textured Stepping Stone CanDo - Textured Stepping Stone Set of 6

    Take the balance challenge!

    Our Price:: $60.59
    Got Special KIDS|Gonge Seesaw provides hours of active play and gross motor skill development Gonge Seesaw

    Active play that builds coordination and balance!

    Our Price:: $64.99
    Got Special KIDS|Fold & Go Portable Trampoline Fold n Go Mini Trampoline

    A must for any sensory diet.

    Our Price:: $74.99
    Got Special Kids | River Stone features a soft base and a hard top platform supported by three strong steel springs to enable bouncing, which requires adjustment through the child's ankles and legs, making it a more challenging activity than simply Gonge Riverstones

    Step into coordination, balance and fun!

    Our Price:: $74.99
    Got Special KIDS|Gymnic Rody Inflatable Horse Gymnic Rody Horse - 14" with Rocking Base

    Gymnic Rody Horse develops balance, movement skills and coordination.

    Our Price:: $75.99
    Gonge River Set of 6 Gonge River Set of 6

    Step into coordination, balance and fun!

    Our Price:: $77.99
    Got Special KIDS|Pacific Play Institutional 9 Ft. Tunnel - Blue Pacific Play Institutional 9 Ft. Tunnel - Blue/Red & Blue/Blue

    Kids love crawling through this tunnel of fun!

    Our Price:: $79.99
    Slam Dunk! FUN Bundle! Preschool Slam Dunk! FUN Bundle! Preschool

    A perfect bundle to keep little fingers, bodies and minds engaged and learning new skills while having FUN!

    Our Price:: $79.99
    Got Special KIDS|Resistance Tunnel 9 ft long Resistance Tunnel 9 ft long

    Kids love this stretchy tunnel.

    Our Price:: $89.79
    Got Special KIDS| Pacific Play Tents Geo Tunnel is excellent for muscle and motor skill development in toddlers and children. Pacific Play Tent - Super Sensory GEO 9Ft Tunnel

    This tent is the life of the party!

    Our Price:: $94.50
    Gonge Riverstones with Bouncing Riverstone Set of 4 balancing platforms and one wobbling, bouncing platform Gonge Riverstones with Bouncing Riverstone - Set of 5

    Develop balance and coordination!

    Our Price:: $99.99
    Got Special Kids | Gonge Tactile Discs - Tactile Stepping Stones. Make a path or par course with our multi tactile discs. Great indoor and out. Non skidding and soft on the feet. Gonge Tactile Discs

    Inviting tactile discs

    Starting At: $109.99
    Children's Factory Toddler Baby Blocks - Primary Children's Factory Toddler Baby Blocks - Primary

    Encourage early learners to build & explore!

    Our Price:: $139.29
    Got Special Kids | Gonge Hilltops | Five Hilltops of varying heights encourage children to jump from top to top, helping to develop the ability to estimate distances, while building a familiarity with heights. Gonge Hilltops

    Inspire jumping from top to top.

    Our Price:: $142.99
    Got Special KIDS| Side-to-Side Baltic Birch Plywood Portable Swing Glider Homestand Birch Glider

    The Glider is a fun and stimulating swing, great for improving balance.

    Starting at: $149.50
    Got Special KIDS|Soft Balance Beam Children's Factory Soft Balance Beam

    Allows for the perfect balance between safety and exploration.

    Our Price:: $159.75
    Got Special KIDS|Durable 18-Oz Vinyl Tumbl Trak Mat in Various Sizes & Colors Tumbl Trak Mat

    Designed for discovery and soft play.

    Starting At: $189.00

    Gross motor skills are a cornerstone for all types of daily functions, and although children meet milestones differently, it's our job to provide them with tools and instructions to help them reach their true potential. Without a fair chance at developing gross motor skills today, your child is bound to struggle with many day to day tasks later in life. This selection of products is geared toward helping children develop the gross motor skills they need to perform everyday functions. Gross motor skills require the whole body, and include important milestones such as crawling, walking, going up and down stairs, throwing and catching, riding a bike, jumping, kicking and climbing.

    Children with developmental delays, disabilities or sensory processing issues typically see delays in gross motor skills because they may experience problems with coordination, balance, motor planning or concentration. Additionally, a protected or sendentary lifestyle can contribute negatively to developmental delays because these fail to challenge kids physically. Knowing when to challenge kids and when to back off can be a fine line. In order to grow to reach their full potential, it's important to nourish your child's sense of self-worth and trust. If your child has special needs and you struggle with knowing when to push and when to nurture, check out this article.

    We offer a range of products that make learning fun and achievable. Our selection of gross motor skills products includes games and toys for proactive parenting, products for the special needs classroom and OT necessities. With these products, you'll be able to teach them how to use their bodies confidently by performing activities that require hand-eye coordination, balance, core stability and more.