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Mini Easy-Grip Scissors Mini Easy-Grip Scissors

Ideal for children being introduced to scissors or with weak grip or poor hand strength.

Our Price:: $6.49
Gorilla Grabber Gorilla Grabber

Life-like gorilla hand grabber.

Our Price:: $12.00
Sale Price: $8.00
Savings: $4.00
Can You Imagine Special FX Saber Can You Imagine Special FX Saber

Sci-fi adventure at your fingertips!

Our Price:: $15.99
Sale Price: $9.99
Savings: $6.00
Unbelieveabubble Sword Large Uncle Bubble Uncle Bubble Unbelieve-A-Bubble Sword - Large

Giant Bubbles!

Our Price:: $19.99
Sale Price: $12.88
Savings: $7.11
Have fun stretching with Yoga Dice! This fun, simple movement game helps children learn the practice of Yoga while increasing flexibility and focus. Includes 36 poses to try! Thinkfun Yoga Dice

Fun game of rolling and posing.

Our Price:: $12.95
Yoga Spinner Game ThinkFun Yoga Spinner Game

A fun game of flexibility and balance.

Our Price:: $14.49
Climbing Rope Ladder Climbing Rope Ladder

Rope ladder provides endless fun!

Our Price:: $22.99
Sale Price: $15.99
Savings: $7.00
Thera-Band Pro Stability Ball Thera-Band Pro Stability Ball

Slow deflation, burst resistant & enhanced performance!

Starting at: $23.99
Gonge Balancing Egg Gonge Balancing Egg

Who can balance an egg on their head?

Our Price:: $29.99
Gonge Tilting Disc Set - Base & Top Gonge Tilting Disc Set - Base & Top

Balance and motor skills fun!

Our Price:: $32.49
Stay N Place Ball Stay N Place Ball

Balance and coordination without rolling away!

Our Price:: $32.95
Kore Floor Wobbler allows children to sit comfortably on the floor and remain active in one spot! Kids love it! Kore Floor Wobbler

Encourages active seating and leads to better focus!

Our Price:: $34.99
Yogarilla Exercises and Activities 55 Card Yoga Deckoffers The 55 yoga poses and 110 activities in this oversized, colorfully illustrated 6" x 8" card deck help children understand how their bodies and minds work together. Yogarilla Exercises and Activities 55 Card Yoga Deck

Help children to understand their bodies and to relax with this 55 deck and 110 activity card deck.

Our Price:: $38.99
Ball Support Ball Support

Keep a therapy ball in place.

Our Price:: $39.99
Textured Stepping Stone Textured Stepping Stone

Take the balance challenge!

Our Price:: $39.99
Pacific Play Tents Parachutes with Handles & Carrying Bag Pacific Play Tents Parachutes with Handles & Carrying Bag

Build teamwork and motor skills!

Starting At: $44.69
Gymnic Rody Inflatable Horse Gymnic Rody Horse - 14"

Gymnic Rody Horse develops balance, movement skills and coordination.

Our Price:: $44.99
Mini (Nursery) Fold & Go Trampoline Mini (Nursery) Fold & Go Trampoline

Great for energetic kiddos!

Our Price:: $62.99
Therapy Ball Chair Therapy Ball Chair

Active seating at its best!

Starting At: $79.99
Original Toy company Fold & Go Trampoline Deluxe Deluxe Fold & Go Trampoline

New design for easy storage!

Our Price:: $87.99
Children's Factory Sturdiblock Set Children's Factory Sturdiblock Set - Soft Stackers

Help stimulate creativity and stacking skills!

Our Price:: $213.19
straddle, sit or swing, this swing will be your child's favorite for calming sensory input. Air-Lite Jr. Bolster Swing

Help soothe, strengthen and stimulate!

Our Price:: $214.95
Children's Factory Butterfly Climber Children's Factory Butterfly Climber

A friendly butterfly children can climb all over!

Our Price:: $221.49
Advantage Line Moon Swing Advantage Line Moon Swing

The Moon Swing is a great tool for addressing bilateral coordination, balance, strength and vestibular input.

Our Price:: $249.99
A multi-sensory play escape and adventure for all kids to enjoy alone or with friends. Air-Lite Ball Pit

An inflatable multi-sensory environment!

Our Price:: $272.99
La Siesta Mediterráneo Anthracite La Siesta Mediterranneo - Hammock Chair Swing Stand

A perfect hide-out for reading or relaxing! Because its height is adjustable, it is suitable for different sizes of hammock chairs.

Our Price:: $279.99
Advantage Line 2-in-1 Bolster & Trapeze Swing Advantage Line 2-in-1 Bolster & Trapeze Swing

An adapted Pony Bolster & Trapeze Swing all-in-one!

Our Price:: $414.95
Steamroller Squeeze Machine Steamroller Squeeze Machine

Experience a full body hug!

Starting At: $415.00
Children's Factory Soft Tunnel Climber Children's Factory Tot Soft Tunnel Climber

Active play that is ideal for developing motor and perceptual skills.

Our Price:: $541.80
Padded Glider Bolster Swing Padded Glider Bolster Swing

Our Glider Bolster helps with sensory integration and develops the vestibular system.

Starting at: $569.00
STEAMROLLER RAMP Steamroller Slide & Platform

Our Rolling Ramp Slide is a one of a kind!

Starting At: $979.00

Although routine tasks such as brushing our teeth or tying our shoes can seem largely automatic, we actually use motor planning every day and, even for our smallest efforts. Motor planning allows us to instinctively know and remember the individual steps associated with particular movements, giving us the ability to walk without tripping, pick up items, write and draw legibly, get dressed, play games or wash dishes without thinking about the action. Motor planning requires both fine and gross motor skills, both of which need to be practiced regularly in order to become what most of think of as "subconscious".

This product selection includes a wide range of toys, games and tools designed to help develop motor planning in children of all ages and all abilities, including those with visual, spatial or sensory processing difficulties. We carry indoor and outdoor balancing activities, ADHD seating solutions, sensory swings for calming, stimulating or vestibular input and much more.

Motor planning might seem instinctual, but it requires a variety of underlying skills including observation and understanding, planning and organization in order to be executed flawlessly. That's why it's important to help your child engage with his or her environment as much as possible to the best of their ability. Our motor planning tools include products for the home, OT and schools, and are designed to develop the various skills they'll need to make better motor planning possible.

Work on the fine motor skills and help them gain the confidence they need in school with assistive tools such as the mini easy-grip scissors or the HandiWriter. We carry a wide range of tools, toys and games specifically designed for the fine motor element of motor planning. Games like this pegboard help kids to practice their fine motor skills alongside a range of other important skills such as shape recognition, matching, counting and more.
Encourage gross motor planning with products that incorporate balancing, hopping, jumping and vestibular input. Help them grow their balance and coordination skills with the Gonge Hemispheres or the Gonge Build & Balance Set. These products add to imaginative play activities as children plan out motor sequences, making them as valuable in the clinic as they are in school or at home.