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Got Special KIDS|Magnetic Sand Timer Magnetic Sand Timer

Magnetized base creates fun sculptures.

List Price: $8.99
Starts at: $7.50
Sale Price: $6.00
Savings: $2.99
Got Special KIDS|Toysmith Bubble Motion Tumbler Bubble Motion Tumbler

Unwind as you watch the colors cascade to the bottom of the tumbler!

Starts at: $6.99
Got Special KIDS|Eeboo - Travel Games Eeboo - Travel Games

Tons of fun for kids and adults!

Starts at: $8.25
Sale Price: $7.50
Savings: $0.75
Got Special KIDS|Floating Color Timer Liquid Motion Bubbler Floating Color Timer

An extraordinary 1-minute multi-color timer!

Starts at: $7.99
Got Special Kids | Learning Resources Money Jar Learning Resources Money Jar

Using Money Is an Important Functional Skill for Independent Living

List Price: $14.99
Starts at: $13.50
Savings: $1.49
Got Special KIDS|Sensory Fidget Ooze Timers - Rectangle Set of 3. There is a magic to the Ooze that fascinates all ages. Sensory Fidget Ooze Timers - Rectangle Set of 3

Cube ooze tubes!

Starts at: $14.49
Got Special KIDS|Speech Corner Logical Predictions Double Dice Add-On Game Speech Corner Predicting Double Dice Add-On Deck

Provides tasks designed to help students make logical predictions.

Starts at: $16.99
Got Special KIDS|ThinkFun Code Master ThinkFun Code Master

The Ultimate Coding Board Game - Featured in Purdue University's Engineering Gift Guide!

List Price: $22.99
Starts at: $17.00
Savings: $5.99
Time Timer - Dry Erase Board Accessory Time Timer - Dry Erase Board Accessory

Time Timer - Dry Erase Board Accessory

List Price: $20.95
Starts at: $18.75
Savings: $2.20
Got Special KIDS|Liquid Bubbler Timers - Variety 3 Pack Liquid Timer 3 Pack - Oval, Spiral, Double Heart

Captivating dripping and bubbling motion variety pack!

Starts at: $20.00
Got-Special KIDS|Learning Resources Time Tracker Mini Learning Resources Time Tracker Mini

Set it and go!

List Price: $28.99
Starts at: $26.00
Savings: $2.99
Got Special KIDS|The Time Timer Original  3" timer   8" timer  12" timer The Time Timer Original

Designed to understand "How much longer?"

Starting At: $27.00
Got Special KIDS| Learning Resources Magnetic Money Learning Resources Double-Sided Magnetic Money

Interactive game on a magnetic board for small group or classroom activity.

List Price: $36.99
Starts at: $33.25
Savings: $3.74
Got Special KIDS|Time Timer PLUS Time Timer PLUS

Time management for all ages.

List Price: $40.95
Starts at: $37.00
Savings: $3.95
Got Special KIDS|Learning Resources Magnetic Visual Time Tracker & Clock Learning Resources Magnetic Time Tracker

Visual Timer and Clock

List Price: $42.99
Starts at: $38.75
Savings: $4.24
Got Special Kids|Learning Resources Time Tracker Visual Timer & Clock Learning Resources Time Tracker Visual Timer & Clock

It's never been easier or more fun to keep kids on track!

List Price: $49.99
Starting at: $45.00
Savings: $4.99
Got Special KIDS|Language Builder: Occupation Cards Stages Learning: Language Builder: Occupation Cards

Children can identify & discuss different jobs

Starts at: $47.99
Got Special Kids|Impulse Control Board Game for Special Needs Children Impulse Control Board Game

Help children control impulses.

List Price: $59.95
Starts at: $53.95
Savings: $6.00
Got Special KIDS|Financial IQ Revised Financial IQ Revised

Teach financial literacy in a fun and interactive game!

List Price: $59.95
Starts at: $53.95
Savings: $6.00
Got-Special KIDS|You're the Boss! Revised Edition You're the Boss! Revised Edition

Experience the world of work.

Starts at: $56.95
Got Special KIDS|Time Timer Watch PLUS Small Size Time Timer Watch

On the go convenient time management.

List Price: $84.95
Starts at: $76.50
Savings: $8.45
Job Readiness Bundle! Job Readiness Bundle!

Learn exactly which behaviors employers value in their employees!

Starts at: $89.99
Got Special Kids|400 Pre-Laminated Word Cards for Toddlers & Children 400 Pre-Laminated Word Cards

400+ Pre-laminated and Cut Communicaton Cards with Great Graphics !  The Work is Done for You.  Ready to Use!

Starts at: $109.00
Got-Special KIDS|Attainment's Social Skills Teacher's Kit & License - Grade 6-12 Explore Social Skills - Teacher's Kit

Focuses on 50 important skills through video modeling, photo-based directions, and role playing.

Starts at: $149.99
Got Special KIDS|Kore Teen & College Adjustable Chair Kore Teen/College Adjustable Wobble Chair - Black

Kore's patented wobble chair increases focus and attention for older students!

List Price: $201.99
Starts at: $191.99
Savings: $10.00
Got-Special KIDS|Abilitations Sensory Sequin Panel, Blue/Black, XL Abilitations Sensory Sequin Panel, Blue/Black, XL

Get creative with this tactile panel!

Starts at: $299.00

Humans thrive on habits; it's ingrained in our DNA. It's to our evolutionary advantage not to change. Habits allow us to use less of our thinking power, they keep us safe and they preserve physical energy. We're all resistant to change on some level, so it shouldn't be surprising that children oftentimes have difficulties making transitions.

While triggers that result in meltdowns can be grossly exacerbated in kids with ADHD, sensory issues, developmental delays or those on the autism spectrum, most kids find transitions difficult. Asking a child who's engrossed in an activity to stop then and there to move on to another activity - oftentimes a less desirable one such as cleaning up or having a bath - can be akin to petting the belly of a cat. At minimum, you'll be met with some resistance; at their worst, children who aren't prepared for transitions will lash out physically.

When kids are overwhelmed by their emotions, no one wins and the detriment is to everyone. For the parents, it creates feelings of frustration and guilt, for other members of the family, it can create an environment that feels insecure and even scary, and for the child having the meltdown, it's ultimately not constructive. And while meltdowns can happen in any family dynamic, they're especially damaging in neurodivergent children because they're difficult to get back under control.

Shop our selection of time management and transitioning tools for young children, tweens and teens. These products are designed to help children manage time, understand the concept of "time left" and ease into other tasks without unnecessary resistance. Time management and proper transition are critical life skills every child needs in order to reach his or her full potential. Learning how to transition won't make your family's life easier today, it'll lay the foundation for managing time at school or at work later.
Teach your child how to share activities or toys, how to gracefully move on from an activity and how to respect others' time with this selection of tools today.
It's important to set achievable and realistic goals for your child and family. Learn some additional tips on how to avoid transition meltdowns when things are less predictable, such as during the holidays.