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Half Circle Green Gel Pad - 5 lbs.
Half Circle Green Gel Pad - 5 lbs.

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Provides deep pressure for a secure, grounded feeling. Enables users to stay seated for a longer period of time.

For use in chairs, in class, and during road trips. Vinyl-covered pads wipe clean. Calms restless leg syndrome.
Weighted products provide proprioceptive input that helps establish increased body awareness, improves attention span and concentration, and has calming benefits. Children who do not have sensory problems may also benefit from weighted products by helping calm tantrums, aid with attention span, and help relieve restless legs. Although there is no specific formula for determining the weight, the common formula to use is 10% of the childs weight plus 1 pound. After the weight is selected, a therapist should observe the child to determine whether adjustments are needed.

5lb Weighted Half-Circle Lap Pad - Green
SIZE: 16"W x 8"D 5lbs
Price $29.99