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Got Special KIDS|Slinky Pop Tubes Slinky Pop Tubes

Pop, Stretch & Bend!

Starting at: $1.00
Got Special KIDS|Reusable Sensory Reduction Ear Plugs w/ Cord - NRR 25 Reusable Ear Plugs Corded

Reusable ear plugs

Starts at: $1.69
Got Special KIDS|Fun & Stretchy Fidget Ring for Kids, Teens & Adults Rolling Fidget Ring

Stay focused with the Rolling Fidget Ring.

Starts at: $1.99
Got Special KIDS|Hamilton Buhl Noiseoff Replacement Foam Kit NoiseOff Replacement Foam Kit - 4 Pack

Replacement foam tips for NoiseOff Headphones

Starts at: $2.85
Got Special KIDS|Gyrobi Colorful Gyroscope Fidget | Quiet Spinning Fidget Game Gyrobi Fidget

Spinning colors at your fingertips!

Starts at: $5.00
Sale Price: $3.50
Savings: $1.50
Got Special KIDS|Tactile Atom Ball Tactile Atom Ball

A quiet, squeezable, addictive fidget

Starting at: $4.00
Got Special Kids | Magic Balls 1001 Funny Faces Magic Balls 1001 Funny Faces

Develop creativity, imagination, and improve dexterity while squeezing a fun little head!

Starts at: $4.25
Got Special KIDS|Swingos Fidget Spinner Swingos Fidget Spinner

The fidget toy that spins and rotates!

Starts at: $6.00
Sale Price: $4.25
Savings: $1.75
Got-Special KIDS Stress Puck Stress Puck

Relieve stress & strengthen hands & wrists.

Starts at: $5.00
Got Special KIDS|Rainbow Pom Fidget Ball Rainbow Pom Fidget Ball

Fidget ball that is fun to squeeze, toss and catch, but it won't roll away!

Starts at: $5.00
Got Special Kids | Happy Face Gel Stress Ball Happy Face Gel Stress Ball

Don't worry! Squeeze Happy! Brighten anyone's day with Happy Face.

Starts at: $5.00
Got Special KIDS|Neoflex Anti-Stress Squeeze Ball Relaxus -Neoflex Anti-Stress Squeeze Ball

Soft and squeezy!

Starts at: $5.00
Got Special KIDS|Magnetic Sand Timer Magnetic Sand Timer

Magnetized base creates fun sculptures.

List Price: $8.99
Starts at: $7.50
Sale Price: $6.00
Savings: $2.99
Got Special KIDS|Senseez Handheld Sensory Hot/Cold Pack Senseez Soothables - Handheld Sensory Hot/Cold Pack

Hot & Cold Therapy On The Go!

Starts at: $12.99
Sale Price: $6.50
Savings: $6.49
Got Special KIDS|Toysmith Bubble Motion Tumbler Bubble Motion Tumbler

Unwind as you watch the colors cascade to the bottom of the tumbler!

Starts at: $6.99
Got Special KIDS|Deep-Pressure Semi-Circle Gel Pads for Restless Legs & Wiggles Semi-Circle Gel Pad

Semi-circle gel pad and fluffy cover.

Starting At: $7.00
Got-Special KIDS | Light Up DNA Ball Light Up DNA Ball

Fantastic visual effects with each squeeze!

Starts at: $7.00
Got Special KIDS|Eggsercizer Eggsercizer

Develop motor skills and grip strength.

Starting At: $7.50
Got Special KIDS|Floating Color Timer Liquid Motion Bubbler Floating Color Timer

An extraordinary 1-minute multi-color timer!

Starts at: $7.99
Got Special KIDS|Chu-Buddy Chewable Bracelet ChuBuddy Springz Chewable Bracelet

These bracelets are a fun, stylish way to keep a chewable fidget handy.

Starting At: $7.99
Got Special KIDS|Brainwright QBoid  1-2-3 Easy to Hold Pocket Puzzle Fidget Brainwright QBoid - The 1-2-3 Pocket Puzzle

QBoid will keep you fiddling for hours!

Starts at: $7.99
Zipper Zilla| Got-Special KIDS ChuBuddy Zipper Zilla

Attaches to jacket for convenient availability!

Starts at: $8.99
Sporty Gel Stress Balls Sporty Gel Stress Balls

Helps release tension while you are watching the big game!

Starts at: $9.00
Got Special KIDS|Flexi Crystal Brainteaser Puzzle Flexi Crystal Brainteaser Puzzle

Flex your mind with Bendy, Stretchy, Fun!

Starts at: $9.00
Got Special KIDS| Duncan Color Shift Puzzle Ball has 12 holes with only 11 filled with a colored ball. Color Shift Puzzle Ball

Puzzle & fidget all in one!

Starts at: $9.00
Got Special KIDS|Playfoam Pluffleâ„¢ Twist Glow-in-the-Dark Learning Resources Playfoam Pluffle Twist Glow-in-the-Dark

Mesmerizing, mixable, feel-good glowing fluffy stuff that never dries out!

List Price: $11.99
Starting At: $10.75
Sale Price: $9.25
Savings: $2.74
Chew Stixx Junior Pocket Oral Sensory Tubes Chew Stixx Junior Pocket Oral Sensory Tubes

Ideal for people with destructive sensory chewing disorders.

Starts at: $10.00
Got Special KIDS|Textured Tough Bar Textured Tough Bar

Textured Tough Bar is a durable and wonderfully textured oral motor tool.

Starts at: $10.00
Got Special Kids|Chewy Chew Stixx comes in 7 fun flavors for extra oral sensory input. Chew Stixx helps kids and teens with autism, ADHD, and other special needs focus. Chewy Chew Stixx - Flavored

Flavored chews for extra interest and input!

Starts at: $10.00
Got Special KIDS|20-Second Handwashing Timer Learning Resources 20-Second Handwashing Timer

Build essential hygiene habits to last a lifetime!

List Price: $10.99
Starts at: $10.00
Savings: $0.99
Got Special KIDS|Learning Resources Pattern Blocks Learning Resources Pattern Blocks Activity Set

Analyze, compare, and decompose shapes with this deluxe set of pattern blocks and design cards!

Starts at: $10.00
Got Special KIDS|Playfoam Putty 4 Pack Learning Resources Playfoam Putty 4 Pack

Squish, squash, smash, and squeeze, a multi-sensory, ASMR, screen-free fun

Starting At: $12.50
Sale Price: $10.25
Savings: $2.25

Fidgets for focus aren't a new thing, although you've likely seen this "trend" explode with the advent of items like the fidget spinner. Whether you're nervous in meetings, anxious about upcoming deadlines or desperately seeking a creative brainchild, you've likely sought sensory refuge or stimulation at some point. Turning on white noise to drown out the neighbors, sitting at a coffee house inspired by the gentle murmurs of fellow coffee connoisseurs, biting nails, tapping feet, popping gum or clicking a pen are all types of sensory fidgets. While most of the evidence is still largely anecdotal, more and more preliminary studies are finding a correlation between improved classroom (or office) function and sensory input. Children with ADHD seem to benefit tremendously from being allowed to perform an activity with one hand while engaged in writing or math with the other.

We carry a wide range of focus fidgets for kids and adults including putty, balls, stress pucks, chew buds and squishy gel lap pads. In addition, you'll also find everything you need to keep your child, teen and everything in between calm and free of too much outside stimulation. With headphones, sensory sacks, weighted lap toys and compression vests, you'll have the proper tools to keep children who gravitate toward or shy away from seeking additional input on task at home, in the classroom or during therapy sessions.