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Got Special KIDS|5-Inch Assorted Colors Nylon Boinks - Make them Boink! Boinks

Wake up fingers with Boinks!

Starts at: $1.00
Got Special KIDS|Slinky Pop Tubes Slinky Pop Tubes

Pop, Stretch & Bend!

Starting at: $1.00
Got Special Kids| Unicorn Bubble Pop Sensory Fidget Unicorn Bubble Pop Sensory Fidget

Includes clip to easily attach to backpack or purse!

Starts at: $2.99
Sale Price: $1.75
Savings: $1.24
Got Special KIDS|Fun & Stretchy Fidget Ring for Kids, Teens & Adults Rolling Fidget Ring

Stay focused with the Rolling Fidget Ring.

Starts at: $1.99
Got-Special KIDS|Umong US Fidget Key Chain Fidget Popper Key Chain

Mini fidget toy - great for backpacks!

Starts at: $2.99
Sale Price: $1.99
Savings: $1.00
Got-SpecialKIDS|3" Squish Donut Squish Donut - 3"

Squeezable, super-soft, slow rising stress toy shaped like donuts.

Starts at: $2.00

Sticky, squishy, textured and filled with beads!

Starts at: $2.00
Bendable Sock Monkey 4" Bendable Sock Monkey 4"

Features a rubbery texture for easy bending and twisting!

Starts at: $2.00
Got Special Kids| Candy Dimple Keychain Fidget Candy Dimple Keychain Fidget

Connect to your backpack or purse - or slip in your pocket!

Starts at: $2.99
Sale Price: $2.00
Savings: $0.99
Got-Special KIDS|Push Pop Stress Relief Sensory Fingertip Bracelet Bracelet Pop

Bright wearable pop fidget!

Starts at: $2.00
Santa Bendable Porcupine Figure Santa Bendable Porcupine Figure

Santa is ready to sled into stocking stuffers!

Starts at: $2.00
Got-SpecialKIDS|Pom Pom Ball Bracelet Pom Pom Ball Bracelet

Made from soft and spiky silicone pom pom balls.  Comfortable to wear!

Starts at: $2.00
Got-SpecialKIDS|4" Bendable Zoo Animals 4" Bendable Zoo Animals

Great party favor - collect all 4!

Starts at: $2.00
Got-Special KIDS|2.75" Squeeze Dino Egg 2.75" Squeeze Dino Egg

Squeeze me!

Starts at: $2.00
Got Special KIDS|Super Boinks Super Boinks

Tubes that bend, stretch, and "Boink!"

Starts at: $2.50
Got Special KIDS|Edushape Textured Mini Balls are perfect to develop gross motor skills. Edushape Textured Mini Balls

Soft and squeezable!

Starts at: $2.50
Holiday Fidget Poppers Holiday Fidget Poppers

Great stocking stuffers!

Starts at: $2.99
Got-Special KIDS|UmongUS Big Fidget UmongUS Big Fidget

Fidget and Game in one!

Starts at: $3.00
Got Special KIDS|Fun & Yellow Bendy Man Fidget Toy To Help With Focus Bendy Man Fidget

He's bendable, poseable, and bright!

Starts at: $3.00
Got Special KIDS|Colorful Fidget Puzzle | U Fidget Sensory Puzzle Flip and Fold Puzzle

Many different configurations to manipulate and enjoy.

Starts at: $3.00
Got-Special KIDS|Poppy Unicorn - Large Poppy Unicorn - Large

Great travel fidget!

Starts at: $3.00
Whack A Shark - Light up Squeezy Bead Shark Whack A Shark - Light up Squeezy Bead Shark

Take a Whack at this shark and see a colorful display of light of beads. Nice for squeezing to release stress.

Starts at: $3.00
3" Galaxy Fidget Spinner 3" Galaxy Fidget Spinner

The 3" fidget that everyone fell in love with is back. Now in an out-of-this-world galaxy pattern. How about giving the galaxy a spin! Spin the fidget and watch it go around and around, to help relieve stress and anxiety. Great fidget for focus!


Starts at: $3.00
Got-SpecialKIDS|Sensory Wiggle Easter Bunny -5" Sensory Wiggle Easter Bunny - 5"

Easter gift for fidgety hands!

Starts at: $3.00
Got-Special KIDS| Fuzzy Bands -  Squiggly, Tactile Bracelets in Various Colors Fuzzy Bands

Wear it, shake it, fling it!

Starts at: $3.50
Got Special KIDS|Flashing Spiky Ball is soft and squishy flashing ball lights up when it is bounced. Flashing Spiky Ball

This prickly, squishy, flashing ball lights up when it is bounced. Great stress reliever and stimulating fidget.

Starts at: $3.50
Got Special KIDS|10-Inch Bendeez Fidget Toy for Classroom or Work Stress Relief Bendeez

Bend into any shape you can imagine!

Starts at: $3.50
Got Special KIDS|Gyrobi Colorful Gyroscope Fidget | Quiet Spinning Fidget Game Gyrobi Fidget

Spinning colors at your fingertips!

Starts at: $5.00
Sale Price: $3.50
Savings: $1.50
Got Special KIDS|Loopeez & Loopeez Jr. are Sized for easy gripping and fine motor practice. The fidget toy that stimulates, and reduces stress Loopeez

The fidget toy that stimulates, and reduces stress!

Starting at: $5.00
Sale Price: $3.50
Savings: $1.50
Got-SpecialKIDS|Stretch and Squish Banana Squish Stretch Banana 5.5"

Squishy Banana Fidget stretch's the stress away. Squeeze Banana is sand filled and super fun to stretch, squeeze, bend and fold with its durable silicon skin you can have fun and relieve stress. The banana is 5.5" and fits comfortably in the palm of hand. Go Banana's squeezing the stress away.

Not Recommended for Children under 3

Starts at: $3.50
Spiky Bands Spiky Bands

Fun, Colorful and Stretchy!

Starts at: $3.50
Got-SpecialKIDS|3" Farm Animal Squeezy Bead Plush 3" Farm Animal Squeezy Bead Plush

Soft plush outside - bean-filled inside!

Starts at: $3.50

Practicing focus is an important part of everyday learning for kids with ADHD, Asperger's, developmental delays and sensory challenges. Just as important is the ability for your special needs child to self-stimulate in order to regulate sensory input and relieve high levels of anxiety.

Our selection of special needs sensory toys includes everything from autism sensory products and stimming toys for stress relief to manipulative toys for learning and thinking.Got-SpecialKids is dedicated to providing only high-quality, kid-friendly, affordable and durable products for your home, school or practice.

By offering only the best sensory toys for autistic kids and children with other challenges, we know we can make a real developmental and therapeutic difference. All of our focus products are carefully hand-selected by experienced staff for kids with autism, developmental delays, sensory challenges and other special needs.