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Visual Toys & Tools for Sensory Processing Disorders

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Got Special KIDS|Colorful Fidget Puzzle | U Fidget Sensory Puzzle Flip and Fold Puzzle

Many different configurations to manipulate and enjoy.

Starts at: $3.00
3" Galaxy Fidget Spinner 3" Galaxy Fidget Spinner

The 3" fidget that everyone fell in love with is back. Now in an out-of-this-world galaxy pattern. How about giving the galaxy a spin! Spin the fidget and watch it go around and around, to help relieve stress and anxiety. Great fidget for focus!


Starts at: $3.00
Tornado Tube Tornado Tube

Simple, fun way to demonstrate twisting tornadoes to your child.

Starts at: $5.50
Toysmith - Butter Dough Toysmith - Butter Dough

Butter Dough Changes Color By Touch!
Love to craft? Sculpt and leave out to air dry. Reusable with 1TBSP of water in container with Butter Dough, let sit for approx.1 hour, too reuse again. Show your creativity, again and again.

  • Wash Hands before and after use.
  • Water soluble.
  • Do Not Ingest.
  • Not for Kids under 3.

Starts at: $5.75
Got-Special Kids|Grow Sloth Grow Sloth

Place him in water and watch him GROW!

Starts at: $6.50
Got Special Kids|Toysmith Jumbo Spiral Glitter Wand Toysmith Jumbo Spiral Glitter Wand

Strong plastic tube filled with slow moving and shiny elements. Mesmerizing fun!

Starting at: $7.00
Got-Special KIDS | Light Up DNA Ball Light Up DNA Ball

Fantastic visual effects with each squeeze!

Starts at: $7.00
Got Special KIDS|Floating Color Timer Liquid Motion Bubbler Floating Color Timer

An extraordinary 1-minute multi-color timer!

Starts at: $7.99
Got Special KIDS| Duncan Color Shift Puzzle Ball has 12 holes with only 11 filled with a colored ball. Color Shift Puzzle Ball

Puzzle & fidget all in one!

Starts at: $9.00
Got Special KIDS|Edushape Mini Rainmaker - 8" is an exciting and colorful see-through prism walls so kids can view what creates those soothing, calming and relaxing sounds. Edushape Mini Rainmaker - 8"

Multi-sensory experience for young children!

List Price: $11.99
Starts at: $9.99
Savings: $2.00
Got Special KIDS|20-Second Handwashing Timer Learning Resources 20-Second Handwashing Timer

Build essential hygiene habits to last a lifetime!

List Price: $10.99
Starts at: $10.00
Savings: $0.99
Got Special KIDS|Gamewright - Sushi Go! Gamewright - Sushi Go!

The Pick and Pass Card Game!

Starts at: $10.99
Got Special KIDS|Edushape Ocean Drum Gentle soothing ocean sounds are achieved by moving the beads around the enchanting aquatic scene. 7" diameter. Packaged for easy gift wrapping. Edushape Ocean Drum

Early intro to music through rhythm and play!

List Price: $12.99
Starts at: $10.99
Savings: $2.00
Carson-Dellosa What's Wrong| Learning cards are a wonderful way to build language, encourage vocabulary development, and increase reading skills. Carson Dellosa Emotions

Learning cards to enrich language development!

Starts at: $11.49
Got Special KIDS|Eeboo - Ready SETS Go! Matching & Sorting Skills Game Eeboo - Ready SETS Go!

Finding sets can be fun!

Starts at: $12.75
Sale Price: $11.50
Savings: $1.25
Got Special KIDS|What Z'it 3D Wooden Puzzle What Z'it 3D Wooden Fidget Puzzle

This puzzle is a simple yet challenging puzzle! Stack, arrange, and build into 7 different solutions.

Starts at: $12.00
Got Special KIDS|Think Fun Shape By Shape Think Fun Shape By Shape

Entertaining puzzle game helps sharpen visual perception and reasoning!

Starts at: $12.00
Got Special KIDS|Fat Brain Toy Dimpl Fat Brain Toy Dimpl

Little fingers can not resist!

Starts at: $12.95
Got Special KIDS|Brainwright - Cat Stax Brainwright - Cat Stax

The purrfect puzzle for cat lovers!

Starts at: $12.99
Got-Special KIDS|Eeboo - Memory Matching Game - I Never Forget a Face Eeboo - Memory Matching Game - I Never Forget a Face

I Never Forget A Face !!!

Starts at: $15.00
Sale Price: $13.50
Savings: $1.50
Got Special KIDS|Orchard Toys Shopping List Memory Game Grocery List

Be the first to fill your shopping cart with items on the list!

Starts at: $14.00
Got Special KIDS|Early Learning; Language Arts; Puzzles and Games for learning sequencing of events in a story; develop sequential thinking Learning to Sequence 4-Scene Board Game

Perfect for practicing sequencing skills!

Starts at: $14.49
Got Special KIDS|Wikki Stix Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes Wikki Stix Shapes

No glue, no paste, no mess!

Starts at: $14.99
Got Special KIDS|Fabric Marble Maze Fabric Marble Maze

A stretch fabric mat with a steel ball captivated within a sewn in maze.

Starts at: $15.00
Got Special KIDS|Stars & Hearts  - Finger Dexterity Game Stars & Hearts - Finger Dexterity Game

Increase finger strength with our "sensory search" maze game!

Starts at: $15.00
Got Special KIDS|Children's Eeboo Make a Pie! Learning Game - Teach Fractions Eeboo - Make a Pie!

A sweet way to learn fractions!

Starts at: $16.50
Sale Price: $15.00
Savings: $1.50
Got Special KIDS|Wacky Web Wacky Web

A bright, hand made maze that combines eye-hand coordination with visual perception

Starts at: $15.50
Got Special KIDS|Hide 'N Slide Hide 'N Slide - Finger Dexterity Game

Encourage finger isolation and strengthening with Hide 'N Slide!

Starts at: $15.75
Got Special KIDS|ThinkFun Balance Beans Seesaw Logic Game has 40 Challenges from Easy to Super Hard with Solutions. ThinkFun Balance Beans

Seesaw Logic Game

Starts at: $16.00
Got Special KIDS|Stacking Shapes Pegboard Learning Resources Stacking Shapes Pegboard

Practice colors, shapes, sorting, stacking & more.

List Price: $17.99
Starts at: $16.25
Savings: $1.74
Edushape - Magic Shapes - with board - 54 pieces Edushape - Magic Shapes - with board - 54 pieces

Magic Shapes stimulate imagination in a unique way. Great for children and adults alike, this irresistible toy features gentle magnet receptors around the perimeter of the pieces (circles are pop-in and not magnetized). Open-ended play is an important and encouraged type of play

Magnetic receptors are strong enough to hold Magic Shape pieces together, yet not strong enough to be a hazard.

Magic Shapes stick together to create gravity-defying designs.

List Price: $19.99
Starts at: $16.99
Savings: $3.00
Got-Special KIDS|Fat Brain Buggy Light Fat Brain Buggy Light

Put that mason jar back in the cupboard!

Starts at: $25.95
Sale Price: $17.50
Savings: $8.45

A sensory processing disorder causes the brain to misinterpret stimuli, creating hyper- or hypo-sensitivity to touch, tastes, smells, sound or sight. Kids who crave visual feedback are less sensitive to external input they receive, which might cause them to fixate on moving or pulsating lights, stand too close to the television, stare at the ceiling fan for long periods of time, or obsess with shiny objects or reflections. While it's important to regulate the time children spend self-stimulating, this process is an important part of relieving tension or for relaxation. We carry a wide range of visually enticing toys and games for sensory seekers, from simple small fidgets to elaborate and beautiful sensory wall panels.
Create a variety of fun and stimulating sensory environments with our selection of visually engaging products, each carefully curated to to help your child learn, grow and reach his full potential.

Educational Visual Sensory Products

Visually enticing toys and games aren't just a proactive way to keep your kids busy and happy. They help to build a range of invaluable skills that'll help them to do better both in school and at home. Kids who are still growing and learning greatly benefit from toys and games designed to improve visual processing, because these provide the stepping stones for various other proficiencies.
Being able to make sense of what we're seeing allows us to read, write, find objects, learn hobbies, do math and so much more. While visual perception may never fully develop in some children, it's important to recognize that you hold the key to help them unlock their own full potential. By providing them with activities they can engage with and enjoy, you're a major catalyst in their success.

Ensure they get the most out of their toys. Our gel shapes offer tactile input, help to improve finger strength and encourage shape and color recognition. Being able to recognize shapes from various angles and call them by their correct names is a skill known as 'form constancy', and it's a necessary tool for the classroom, because it helps kids to recognize letters, numbers and to understand that objects can exist in various contexts.

If your young child struggles to make connections between similar items at home, he may struggle with visual discrimination in the classroom as well. Letters with close similarities (such as b / d or b / p) can pose problems for many children, and in order to improve their discrimination skills, we recommend using sorting and matching games such as Mini Muffin Match Up.

But visual perception isn't just about being able to sort and recognize information, it's also about honing the ability to focus on a specific problem, sound or piece of information when distractions exist. Children and young adults who have not fully developed this skill tend to struggle with reading, listening and keeping their personal spaces organized. Puzzles and word finding games are great choices when helping kids of all ages grow their visual organization skills.