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Professional Sensory Room Equipment

By creating special spaces or sensory rooms with a range of needs in mind, you can keep them playing and learning, improving their motor and thinking skills, and offer a relaxing experience at home, during therapy, or at school.

There are a range of fun and functional sensory activities available for kids and adults. We’re proud to be able to offer you a wide variety of sensory processing solutions for your sensory spaces.

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Got-Special KIDS|Snoezelen Rotating Flower Water Wheel Panel Snoezelen Rotating Wheel Panel w/ Rainfall Sounds

Beads make a delightful rain sound - available in 4 styles!

Starts at: $665.00
Got-SpecialKIDS|Micro-Suede Zipline Kid’s Convertible Loveseat Zipline Children's Fold Out Loveseat

From Loveseat to table to desk to comfy crash pad!!

Starts at: $230.00
Got-Special KIDS|Snoezelen Musical Abstract Tactile Panel Snoezelen Musical Abstract Tactile Panel

This musical panel encourages the exploration of textures and sounds for enjoyment.

Starts at: $1,995.95
Got-Special KIDS|Snoezelen Abstract Tactile Panel Snoezelen Abstract Tactile Panel

This puts the MULTI in multi-sensory tactile panel!

Starts at: $999.95
Got Special KIDS|Children's Factory 24" Square Mirror Children's Factory 24" Square Mirror

Creative play with reflective learning!

List Price: $134.99
Starts at: $130.00
Savings: $4.99
Got-Special KIDS|Abilitations Sensory Sequin Panel, Blue/Black, XL Abilitations Sensory Sequin Panel, Blue/Black, XL

Get creative with this tactile panel!

Starts at: $299.00
Got-Special KIDS|Snoezelen WiFi LED Furniture Cube Snoezelen WiFi LED Furniture Cube

A fantastic, safe way to introduce color, light and interactivity.

Starts at: $1,599.00
Got-Special KIDS|Smirthwaite Tac-Tiles Smirthwaite Tac-Tiles, Set 3

Stimulate the senses!

Starts at: $399.00
Got-Special KIDS|Childcraft Reading Nook Childcraft Reading Nook

Students will love reading time in Childcraft's cozy Reading Nook!

Starts at: $1,681.95
Got-Special KIDS|Classroom Select Indoor/Outdoor Round Ottoman Classroom Select Indoor/Outdoor Round Ottoman

Students can settle in and get comfortable on this bean bag chair built for indoor or outdoor learning.

Starts at: $133.95
Got-Special KIDS|Classroom Select Round Deluxe Seat Pad Classroom Select Round Deluxe Seat Pad

Specifically scaled for young learners and can be used alone or combinations.

Starts at: $167.95
Got-Special KIDS|The Whatsit by The Children's Factory The Whatsit

The Whatsit is a convertible couch or two chairs. Can be used a dozen different ways!

List Price: $299.99
Starts at: $290.00
Savings: $9.99
Got-Special KIDS|The Whatsit Companion Pouf by Children's Factory The Whatsit Companion Pouf

Great pillow for any seating arrangement.

List Price: $120.99
Starts at: $115.00
Savings: $5.99
Got-SpecialKIDS|La Siesta Udine Organic Hammock & Eucalyptus Stand Udine Organic Hammock Chair w/ Stand

Organic Cotton Hammock Chair with FSC™ certified Eucalyptus Stand.

Starts at: $499.90
Got-SpecialKIDS|Udine Weather-Resistant Hammock Chair w/ Stand Udine Outdoor Hammock Chair w/ Stand

Create your own oasis!

Starts at: $499.90
Got-Special KIDS|Children's Factory Rainbow Arch Trio Children's Factory Rainbow Arch Trio

Climbing, crawling, and balancing in a soft and stable environment.

Starts at: $329.99
Himalayan Salt Night Light Himalayan Salt Night Light

Home décor meets wellness. Emits a warm, soft, relaxing glow.

Starts at: $13.00
Playlearn Mini Artificial Aquarium. Playlearn Mini Artificial Aquarium.

Mini Aquarium

Starts at: $29.00
Playlearn Desktop Jellyfish Mood Lamp with Remote Playlearn Desktop Jellyfish Mood Lamp with Remote

Helps ease and relax your stress away!

Starts at: $30.00
Got-Special KIDS|Bouncy Band Peapod Comfy Inflatable Chair with Pump Bouncy Band Peapod Comfy Inflatable Chair with Pump

Provides sensory relief and compression.

Starts at: $89.99
Sale Price: $60.00
Savings: $29.99
Playlearn Volcano Glitter Lamp Playlearn Volcano Glitter Lamp

Changing lights with floating glitter!

Starts at: $30.00
Playlearn 2.7 Ft - Home Bubble Tube Aquarium Playlearn 2.7 Ft - Home Bubble Tube Aquarium

Adds a perfect calm serene atmosphere to any space.

Starts at: $69.00
Sensory Vibrating Pillow Sensory Vibrating Pillow

Wipe clean cover and auto shut off!

Starts at: $40.00
Sea Life Liquid Floor Tiles - 4 Pack Sea Life Liquid Floor Tiles - 4 Pack

Double the amount of liquid for light pressure movement!

Starts at: $200.00
Sale Price: $160.00
Savings: $40.00
Got Special KIDS|Pete the Cat Calming Light Filters- Set of 3 Educational Insights Pete the Cat Calming Light Filters- Set of 3

Increase students ability to concentrate, focus, and learn with Pete the Cat Calming Light Filters

List Price: $42.99
Starts at: $38.75
Savings: $4.24
Got Special KIDS|Cloud B Tranquil Turtle Cloud B Tranquil Turtle

Soothing ocean sights and sounds

Starts at: $49.99
Got Special Kids | Tumbl Trak Fitness Wheel Tumbl Trak Fitness Wheel

Great for fun, games and developing motor skills

Starts at: $1,499.99
Got Special KIDS|Jellyfish Tower Lamp Playlearn Jellyfish Tower Lamp

Fascinating! Majestic in their movement, spend hours watching as these two neon dotted jellyfish swim around their tank

Starts at: $79.00
Got Special KIDS|Zen Moonlight Mood Lamp Zen Moonlight Mood Lamp

View the soft light and enchanting presence of the moon!

Starts at: $30.00
Experia Interactive Bubble Tube Corner Experia Interactive Bubble Tube Corner

Our most portable bubble column!

Our Price: $4,549.50
Got-Special KIDS|Experia Superactive Fiber Optic LED Corner Shower Experia Fiber Optic Corner Shower - Superactive

Create a fun, attention-grabbing effect that appeals to people of all ages!

Our Price: $2,899.00

What We Offer:

Our bubble columns range from small personal LED tubes to interactive sensory corners complete with wireless controllers, fiber optics and stands. Bubble columns can provide soothing as well as stimulating experiences, and are beneficial for kids and adults with sensory processing difficulties.

We carry a range of light-up toys and games, as well as LED projection devices designed to create captivating portals to another time or space.
Our ball pits and crash pads provide a safe environment for kids or adults seeking sensory stimulation. Kids who want to move, jump and feel that deep pressure input when they play will love having a specialized space that’s just for them.
Products that hug, vibrate or create sensations through music are perfect for those who love to experience tactile or deep pressure input, and find sounds and textures comfortable and soothing.

Our selection of sensory seating allows kids to unwind, receive proprioceptive input and get sensory or pressure input to help them feel safe, comfortable and at peace.
Lastly, we offer a range of unique wall panels, both interactive and visually soothing. These panels allow children to explore, unwind, create and play.

Begin creating an environment for sensory integration therapy, relaxation and play today by mixing and matching items from our selection, or check out our sensory room packages.