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Rolling Fidget Ring Rolling Fidget Ring

Stay focused with the Rolling Fidget Ring.

Our Price:: $2.49
Loopeez & Loopeez Jr. are Sized for easy gripping and fine motor practice. The fidget toy that stimulates, and reduces stress Loopeez & Loopeez Jr.

The fidget toy that stimulates, and reduces stress!

Starting at: $3.89
What Z'it Building Fidget is a fun tactile manipulative for fidgety fingers. The Original Toy Company: What Z It, Great party bag or stocking stuffer for all ages. 6 brightly colored blocks strung together with elastic to put into what ever shape you want What Z'it Building Fidget

Create your own skyscraper with bendable fidget buildings!

Starting At: $3.98
Therasphere Anti-Stress Balls Therasphere Anti-Stress Balls

Flashing meteor anti-stress balls - light 'em up!

Our Price:: $3.99
Squeeze Banana Fidget Toy Squeeze Banana Fidget Toy

100% Satisfaction in the Squeeze Department!

Our Price:: $3.99
Got-Special KIDS | Spiral Drops Timer Spiral Drops Timer

Watch the drops roll down the spiral ramp!

Our Price:: $4.89
Color Rush 4 Color Box Timer Color Rush 4 Color Box Timer

Our 4-chamber color timer does not disappoint!

Our Price:: $4.89
Big Top Squeeze Peanut Fidget Toy Squeeze Peanut Fidget Toy

Easy to Squeeze!

Our Price:: $5.00
Light Up Molecule Ball Light Up Molecule Ball

Squishy and soothing!

Our Price:: $5.99
Brainwright Manifold - The Original Mindbender Brainwright Manifold - The Origami Mindbender

Start, Fold, Finish!

Our Price:: $6.00
Pink Novelty Stress Ball shaped like a brain. Throw It or Squeeze It. Measures Approximately 6 X 5 X 4 inches. A Fun Toy for Any Occasion and All Ages. One Brain Ball Per Package. Play Visions Brain Buster Novelty Stress Ball Brain Busters

Brain busting fun!

Our Price:: $6.49
Bright colors on white cubes for easier recognition. Whether you're a pro or novice, Duncan Quick Cube 3902QC is perfect puzzle for you! Great STEM toy too! Duncan Quick Cube 3 x 3

Whether you're a pro or novice, Quick Cube is perfect for you!

Our Price:: $6.49
Duncan Quick Cube 2 x 2 (390QC) is a superior speed cube puzzle. Duncan Quick Cube 2 x 2

Easy to learn and perfect for beginners!

Our Price:: $6.49
Toysmith Magnetic Sculpture Set is a fun, classic desk toy! It can be manipulated into a variety of forms and designs.  Playing with a magnetic art is a great way to take a break during a stressful day. Toysmith Magnetic Sculpture Set

Take a brain break! Use your imagination and make your own creations!

Our Price:: $6.49
Toysmith Bubble Motion Tumbler Bubble Motion Tumbler

Unwind as you watch the colors cascade to the bottom of the tumbler!

Our Price:: $6.98
Mega Chewy Bracelet Mega Chewy Bracelet

Great oral motor stimulation without chewing on clothing or less desirable objects.

Our Price:: $6.99
With 54 verbs and no wrong answers, there are infinite ways to used these cubes. use for party game or ice breaker, language development or creative inspiration Rory's Story Cubes - Actions

Let your imagination roll!

Our Price:: $7.79
Rory's Story Cubes - Voyages is a party dice game of full of fun and imagination! great ice-breaker too Rory's Story Cubes - Voyages

Let your imagination roll wild!

Our Price:: $7.79
Fidget Cube Anti-Stress Fidget Cube

Spin! Flip! Roll! Click!

Our Price:: $7.99
Califone Hearing Safe Hearing Protector- HS50 Califone Hearing Safe Hearing Protector- HS50

Great tool for auditory sensitivity!

Our Price:: $7.99
Fidgitz think fun Fidgitz

Twisty Brainteaser!

Our Price:: $9.29
Sale Price: $8.29
Savings: $1.00
Precious Metals Thinking Putty Crazy Aaron's Precious Metals Thinking Putty

Thinking Putty  with glimmering metallic sparkles.

Our Price:: $9.95
Sale Price: $8.88
Savings: $1.07
Thinkfun Kaleidoscope Puzzle is a Logic and Problem Solving Visual Perception and Reasoning Thinkfun Kaleidoscope Puzzle

Color Mixing Logic Game

Our Price:: $8.98
2 Speed Power Massager 2 Speed Power Massager

Portable and soothing comfort at home, school or work.

Our Price:: $9.99
Brainwright Dog Pile - The Pup-Packing Puzzle Brainwright Dog Pile - The Pup-Packing Puzzle

A spatial perception puzzle for dog lovers!

Our Price:: $9.99
Brainwright ICOSA - The Atomic Fidget Ball Brainwright ICOSA - The Atomic Fidget Ball

Twist, Turn, Fidget!

Our Price:: $10.89
Skil-Care Magnetic Door/ Window Guard Alarm Skil-Care Magnetic Door/ Window Guard Alarm

Help prevent wandering with this easy-to-install door and window alarm.

Starting at: $10.99
Brainwright Geobrix Brainwright Geobrix

3 ways to play - solve...build...create!

Our Price:: $12.00
Think Fun Shape By Shape Think Fun Shape By Shape

Entertaining puzzle game helps sharpen visual perception and reasoning!

Our Price:: $12.49
Hamilton Buhl NoiseOff Headphones NoiseOff Headphones

Block out distractions with NoiseOff!

Our Price:: $13.99
Even Steven's Odd Dice Game Even Steven's Odd Dice Game

It’s a race to the dice!

Our Price:: $16.99
Sale Price: $13.99
Savings: $3.00

No one is born with all of the tools and resources they need to achieve their full potential. In fact, the human brain keeps developing well into our 20’s. We believe that’s why it’s so important to keep nurturing children with special needs well into their teens and young adulthood. As your child grows and develops new skills, there are more opportunities for them to keep learning, but they still need resources and tools to do so.

We believe this very vulnerable period of life is vital for honing critical thinking, social and communication skills, and emotional and behavioral control. Not only do these learning toys and games help teens and young adults further improve their skills, we also offer a variety of fidgets and stress-reduction tools . Browse our collection of toys, games, and gadgets to help your child excel as they mature into young adults.