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Must-Haves for Summer

Summer is special time for many families: a time for play, travel and outdoor activities. Whether you're headed away for the day, the weekend or longer, it takes special preparation to head anywhere with a child. And children with special needs are no different.

We know that traveling with a special needs child can be difficult. Never mind keeping them occupied in the car or on a plane, we know that oftentimes the overwhelming emotional impact a new location has on your child can feel devastating. To you, the beach is a welcome piece of heaven. To your child, it's different, overstimulating and uncomfortable.

At Got-SpecialKids, we carry many summertime products for you to enjoy at home or on the go. Here are some of our favorite items to help you remain proactive without an extra suitcase!

Grab & Go Fidget Bag

This bag is perfect anytime, whether you're headed across town or cross-country. The Grab & Go Fidget bag is filled with seven wonderful items that have been tried, tested and kid-approved.

1. Stretchy Mice & Cheese

This squishy toy is one of our all-time favorites because it is simply irresistible. It provides tactile stimulation and demands concentration. The two mice can be removed from the cheese block and positioned in new ways. We love taking this item on car rides, and because it's quiet, it's ideal for plane travel as well.

2. Animal Critter Puff

When you receive your go-bag, it'll come with one of our four critter puff ball options: a green frog, a yellow duck, a pink pig or a brown dog. These textured balls provide fun tactile stimulation and can be used as stress relievers as well. Squeezable, soft and cute to look at, these 2 ½ “ fuzzballs are roly-poly fun!

3. Tactile Atom Ball

The atom ball has stretchy "legs" for pulling, twisting and squeezing, and provides wiggly, jiggly and bendy fun no matter where you are. Whether you let your child explore the many sensation of this ball in the car or on the plane, or you use it in a game of catch, it's guaranteed to be a hit.

4. Tangle Jr.

The Tangle Jr. is bendy, unique and fun. Each one-inch piece snaps in and out of place to let your child focus, relieve stress and be creative. When all pieces are combined, this toy is about 15" long.

Create a long "snake" or hoops that are twisted and interconnected; the Tangle toy is so tantalizing, they won't be able to put it down.

5. Bendy Man

The bendy man is bright and yellow, and twists and turns in every direction. Let them pull the arms, the legs and everything in between - this fidget is designed to help calm and focus no matter where you are. The bendy man is five inches tall and can stand.

6. Floating Color Timer

This mesmerizing hourglass timer contains bright floating globules to help tick off the time. When turned over, the timer empties in about 45 seconds, although this time isn't always exact. This item provides intrigue as well as soothing comfort. They'll love watching the unique ways in which the colored liquids flow.

7. Boinks

Lastly, the Grab &Go Fidget Bag includes two Boinks! These fun nylon tubes bend, stretch, and, of course, boink! Kids love to use them like a finger trap, boink them across the room, twist them up, pull them apart, feel their unique texture or listen to the sounds they make when scratched or rubbed.

Quiet Fidget Bag

We know that excitable play and Boinks aren't appropriate everywhere. The quiet bag was designed to keep them entertained with textured items that aren't noisy and are less likely to result in rowdy play.

Like the Grab & Go Fidget Bag, this item contains one animal critter puff, one tactile atom ball and one stretchy mice and cheese.

In addition, it provides five other items.

1. Spiky Glove

This irresistible glove can be worn or held, and the hyper-flex material provides durability for even the most intense stretching. This glove is incredibly soft and fun to touch. Your kids will love the way this product feels when they move it across their hands, arms or face! These “spiky” gloves are designed to fit either the right or left hand, are hand-washable and latex-free.

2. Bug Out Bob

This toy fits little hands well and is guaranteed to provide sensory satisfaction. Squeeze Bob's belly and his eyes, nose and ears pop out. Provide entertainment while strengthening hands and improving dexterity! Made from durable latex.

3. Crazy Eyed Monster

They're cute, they're wacky and they're colorful. These textured companions are designed to provide the tactile sensations they crave while giving them something to focus on. Crazy Eyed Monster's spiky hair is fun to pull, and his body is squeezable and soft!

4. Spaghetti Ball

This sensory item is like a bowl of sensory noodles on the go. Let your kids run their fingers through the strands, pull them, twist them and more. They'll love swishing it from one hand to the other, putting it on their heads or rubbing it on their cheeks or arms. Wiggly, jiggly, delightful, entertaining to the max!

5. Two Stress Pucks

The stress puck is smooth and easy-to-squeeze. It fits well into small hands and acts as a wonderful stress reliever while strengthening hands and improving dexterity.

Calming Sensory Sack

Many kids with a sensory integration disorder find relief and comfort with deep pressure and proprioceptive input. If you child seeks deep touch pressure when stressed, anxious or overly stimulated, we recommend never going anywhere without this product.

Designed to be a compact and quick solution for over-stimulation, stress and anxiety, this sack can be used to hug and squeeze or to hide in completely. Give them the input and security they crave to help make transitions into new environments as quick and painless as possible. We offer this product in four sizes from 46" tall to 73" tall.

No matter your summer plans, we're here to help you and your family get the most of your vacation time. If you have questions about any of our products, contact us!