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Seguro Fixing Kit LA Siesta Seguro Fixing Kit

Fixing set for mounting hammock chairs to concrete ceilings, beams or tree limbs.

Our Price:: $18.99
Sale Price: $13.59
Savings: $5.40
Safety Snap Hanging Clip Safety Snap Hanging Clip

Safety Snap Hanging Accessory

Our Price:: $13.95
Adjustable Hanging Swing Strap for Airwalker Adjustable Hanging Swing Strap for Airwalker

Adjustable hanging strap

Our Price:: $14.00
I-Beam or H-Beam Kit I-Beam or H-Beam Kit

Eyebolt Kit

Our Price:: $15.95
Climbing Rope Ladder Climbing Rope Ladder

Rope ladder provides endless fun!

Our Price:: $22.99
Sale Price: $15.99
Savings: $7.00
Go! HangOut Hanger! Go! HangOut Hanger!

No ladder needed!

Our Price:: $19.49
Slothing Around Fun Fidget Bag Slothing Around Fidget Bag

For the love of sloths!

Our Price:: $19.99
La Siesta Casa Mount has been safety tested and  durable. It has unique design features angled screw guidance for use on drywall studs & joists—a true innovation, making it the only suspension of its kind on the market. Casa Mount - Multi-Purpose Suspension for Hammock Chairs

Quick and easy installation for your hammock swing chair!

Our Price:: $23.95
Safety Rotational Swivel for Swing Safety Rotational Swivel for Swings

Safety for your swing.

Our Price:: $39.98
Rainbow IRI Hammock Chair Rainbow IRI Hammock Chair

This colorful children’s hammock chair offers kids a quiet retreat to play and dream.

Our Price:: $52.89
Lycra Cocoon Swing Lycra Cocoon Swing

Our Pod Swing is a wonderful sensory retreat for younger children.

Our Price:: $75.99
Safety Rotational Device with Safety Snap Safety Rotational Device with Safety Snap

A safety rotational device is one of the single most important pieces of hardware when it comes to suspended equipment. Our safety rotational device comes complete with a safety snap.

Our Price:: $78.95
La Siesta Colombian Hammock Chair La Siesta Colombian Hammock Chair

A sensory swing that maximizes comfort in a minimum amount of space!

Our Price:: $89.99
Beam Installation Kit for Indoor Swings Beam Installation Kit for Indoor Swings

2" x 6" Beam Installation Kit

Our Price:: $99.99
Tube Swing for sensory therapy adds a nice change and variety to any clinic or sensory gym. Tube Swing & Harness Kit

Tire Swing - kids will enjoy the indoor fun and easy to hang from any eye bolt.

Our Price:: $109.99
La Siesta Lounger Hammock Chair La Siesta Lounger Hammock Chair

Large enough that you not only sit comfortably, you can also lie down!

Our Price:: $128.99
Jumbo Hammock Swing Jumbo Hammock Swing

Plenty of room for any size!

Our Price:: $129.95
Homestand Birch Glider Homestand Birch Glider

The Glider is a fun and stimulating swing, great for improving balance.

Starting at: $143.99
Height Adjuster with Safety Snap Height Adjuster with Safety Snap

Perfect for suspending therapy equipment and swings from your home or clinic ceiling!

Starting at: $145.00
Cuddle Swing Cuddle Swing - Child & Adult

Increase calming and organizing input.

Starting At: $174.49
Soft Taco Swing Soft Taco Swing

Uses the individual's own weight for calming with whole-body pressure.

Starting At: $174.95
Ceiling Swing Suspension Kit Ceiling Swing Suspension Kit

Suspension for Single and Double-Point Swings

Our Price:: $179.99
Single Cushioned Hammock Swing Chair Single Cushioned Hammock Swing Chair

Ready to hang.

Our Price:: $189.95
Sensory Snuggle Swing Sensory Snuggle Swing

Relaxing, fun and therapeutic!

Our Price:: $194.99
Plywood Platform Swing - Junior and Adult Plywood Platform Swing - Junior and Adult

This economical platform swing is carpeted and made from strong baltic birch plywood. Can hold up to 3 people!

Starting At: $209.99
straddle, sit or swing, this swing will be your child's favorite for calming sensory input. Air-Lite Jr. Bolster Swing

Help soothe, strengthen and stimulate!

Our Price:: $214.95
Swing Height & Suspension Adjustment Kit Swing Height & Suspension Adjustment Kit

Safely hang your swing equipment.

Our Price:: $215.99
Budget Platform Swing Advantage Line - Budget Platform Swing

Suspended therapy equipment for any environment.

Our Price:: $238.00
Advantage Line Moon Swing Advantage Line Moon Swing

The Moon Swing is a great tool for addressing bilateral coordination, balance, strength and vestibular input.

Our Price:: $249.99
Hanging Egg Chair with Stand Hanging Egg Chair with Stand

The colorful hanging sensory loveseat!

Our Price:: $255.00
La Siesta Mediterráneo Anthracite La Siesta Mediterranneo - Hammock Chair Swing Stand

A perfect hide-out for reading or relaxing! Because its height is adjustable, it is suitable for different sizes of hammock chairs.

Our Price:: $269.99

Turn any space into a swinging area with The BAR!

Our Price:: $289.00

Swinging is comfortable and soothing, but for a child or adult with a sensory integration disorder, swinging is so much more. It helps to strengthen the vestibular system to improve balance and spatial awareness, and encourages kids to develop gross motor skills and muscle tone.
Growing up, many children learn how to subconsciously regulate their sensory systems by engaging in a variety of playtime and everyday activities. But for kids with sensory challenges, this process is a bit more difficult. Adding vestibular input therapy to their weekly schedule helps to improve balance, movement, spatial awareness, posture and more.

Our senses help us to navigate our environments successfully, but when these are over- or under-stimulated, movement becomes difficult since the brain isn't sure where the body is in relation to the space that surrounds it. Vestibular input builds body awareness to help strengthen our ability to move correctly, efficiently and confidently, and swinging is a great way to engage these senses.

We offer a range of therapy swings to provide vestibular training along with the right kind of sensory input and pressure that's suited to each individual's needs. Some children crave move input while others are averse to it; sensory needs should be carefully monitored and met appropriately, whether that's in a home or therapy environment.

Our swings vary from mounted to free-standing, to help accommodate your needs for space and cost. Try a ceiling-mounted swing if space is limited or a portable swing for temporary setups.
When designing your therapy setting, consider the space as a whole and how swing therapy will fit in. Swivel hardware can be installed into your home's or classroom's framework, doorway swings are generally easily removable, and free-standing systems allow swings to be shared among classrooms and create more versatility.
We work with a range of manufacturers to meet the needs and budgets of parents, teachers and therapists all across the country. Fill out and submit this form to start learning more about how you can make your sensory room vision a reality.