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Early intervention is vital for helping children with special needs achieve their full potential. From professional therapy to at-home play, there are a variety of ways in which you can help your child thrive. We offer a wide selection of special needs preschool games, toys for babies, tactile autism toys for young children and more. These learning toys and tools are a great addition to any home. Your child will love sorting, stacking and arranging with bright colors and shapes, exploring and identifying new textures or engaging in active play such as bouncing or balancing.

Games and toys for autistic toddlers and children are a wonderful way to help you teach, build confidence, have fun and bond with your child.
All of our products have a purpose, from reducing anxiety to building confidence. Each product was selected carefully after thorough research and testing for safety and efficacy. If you're not sure which early childhood toys suit your kids with special needs, contact us. We have years of experience as parents of special needs children and love to hear from you.

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Mini Bendable Fidget Mini Bendable Fidget

A ready-to-go fidget that keeps young hands busy!

Our Price:: $4.49
Mini Squee-Z-Bubs Bubbles Mini Squee-Z-Bubs Bubbles

Cute little bubble critters!

Our Price:: $4.49
Wiggly Giggler Rattle Wiggly Giggler Rattle

Shake Me! Roll Me! Stack Me!

Our Price:: $4.89
What Z'it Fish What Z'it Fish

Fun, colorful fish fidget!

Our Price:: $5.00
Blunders Manner Mats Blunders Manner Mats - Preschool

Use them at home or take them along when dining out. Each pad includes 38 different mats!

Our Price:: $6.99
EasieEaters Curved Utensils EasieEaters Curved Utensils

Angled design makes eating easier!

Our Price:: $7.49
Rubbabu Sensory Ball 3-Pack Rubbabu Sensory Ball 3-Pack

Squishy and soft fun

Our Price:: $7.99
A Key Education early learning game that is a new twist on a long beloved game of dominoes: Emotion-oes Emotion-oes

Kid-friendly and colorful art will help children recognize and identify emotions.

Our Price:: $8.49
Oral Motor Development Tri-Chew Tri-Chew Blue

Our Tri-Chew Combo is perfect for gumming and early mouthing! 3 sides, 6 different textures!

Our Price:: $8.79
PipSquigz Loops PipSquigz Loops

They’re sure to become baby’s new favorite toy!

Our Price:: $9.49
What Z'it 3D Wooden Puzzle What Z'it 3D Wooden Fidget Puzzle

This puzzle is simple yet challenging puzzle! Stack, arrange, build into 7 different solutions.

Our Price:: $9.99
Oball Rollin Rainstick Rattle Oball Rollin Rainstick Rattle

Rainstick that rolls and rattles.

Our Price:: $10.49
Photographic learning cards for teaching emotions to young children; Early Learning; Special Needs / Inclusion; Behavior Management Emotion Learning Cards

Help children recognize their own emotions and those of others.

Our Price:: $10.69
Learning Resources Gator Grabber Tweezers- set of 12 Learning Resources Gator Grabber Tweezers - Set of 12

Develop the pincer grip with these fun-to-use tweezers!

Our Price:: $10.99
Alex Wooden Stringing Set Alex Wooden Stringing Set

Bright, chunky, wooden bead shapes

Starting At: $11.89
Count & Build TotBot Count & Build TotBot

Twist, build & stack with a little bot of fun.

Our Price:: $12.49
Avalanche Fruit Stand Learning Resources Avalanche Fruit Stand

Steady… don’t spill the fruit!

Our Price:: $13.99
Sale Price: $12.49
Savings: $1.50
Sensory Shapes Ball Hedstrom Sensory Shape Sorter Ball

Combination therapy tool, sensory ball and shape sorter!

Our Price:: $19.99
Sale Price: $12.99
Savings: $7.00
Enhances math, matching, and fine motor skills and Advances color recognition with this card game made for preschoolers. Raccoon Rumpus

Help preschoolers develop memory, color-matching, fine motor and social skills!

Our Price:: $13.19
Shape Sequence Sorting Set Shape Sequence Sorting Set

Sorting objects into groups are the "building blocks" of beginning math skills!

Our Price:: $13.95
Orchard Toys Flashcards Flashcards

Learning made fun!

Our Price:: $14.29
B. Oddballs Textured Sensory Balls Sensory Odd Balls

Each ball feels different, offering a unique sensory experience.

Our Price:: $14.49
Poppitoppy Poppitoppy

Small children love to push her head to watch the balls pop like wild!

Our Price:: $14.49
Rollobie Rollobie

A rattling, rolling, sensory-building friend!

Our Price:: $14.49
Cloud B Sweet Dreamz On the Go - Owl helps any baby or small child self-calm with 8 soothing sounds & melodies: Mother's Heartbeat, Ocean Sounds, Gentle Rain, Le La Lu, Claire de Lune, Satie, Lullaby Waltz, Popular Rhythmic "Shhh" Sound. Cloud B Sweet Dreamz On the Go - Owl

Help calm tired babies and young children with Sweet Dreamz On the Go!

Our Price:: $14.49
Orchard Toys Shopping List Memory Game Shopping List Memory Game

Develop matching and memory skills!

Our Price:: $15.29
Nesting & Sorting Garages & Cars Nesting & Sorting Garages & Cars

Creative play.  Great for hand-eye coordination and problem solving.

Our Price:: $19.99
Sale Price: $15.49
Savings: $4.50
Learning Resources Mini Motor Counters - Set of 72 Learning Resources Mini Motor Counters - Set of 72

Sort, count and have fidgety fun with our Mini Motor vehicles!

Our Price:: $15.49