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School Supplies for Special Kids - Writing

Special Kids do better in school when they have the right tools. The fine-tuned skill of writing can be a difficult one to master, and many kids struggle with the motor skills and dexterity it takes to accomplish writing or drawing neatly and effectively using a proper pencil grip. Below are three of our favorite products designed to help kids with their writing.

The HandiWriter

Help kids practice and reinforce correct pencil usage with this simple and affordable tool. The HandiWriter works in two ways: The small loop pulls the pencil into the webbed space between forefinger and thumb while kids hold the attached dolphin charm with the remaining fingers to build strength and stability. It's perfect for any kid who has trouble holding a pencil correctly.
The HandiWriter eliminates the need to constantly remind kids to "fix their fingers", and makes writing much more legible. This product is great for kids who grasp pencils inappropriately, write hurriedly or have joint laxity. Help correct writing posture while providing proper sensory input to the student's hands.

The Writing CLAW

The CLAW is designed to help children with the mechanics of gripping a pencil properly - without needing to think about or struggle with it. The CLAW keeps fingers in the correct position around the pencil so that children can easily get into the habit of gripping their pencil properly. Building fine motor skills isn't easy and can become quickly frustrating for some. With the Writing CLAW, you'll eliminate much of the frustration children tend to experience when first learning how to grip a pencil the right way.
The writing CLAW works with almost any writing implement including pens, pencils and regular-sized crayons.

The Pinch Grip

This affordable little tool is ideal for kids who already understand the concept of the proper pencil grip but have some trouble executing it. It's also a wonderful solution to preventing hand fatigue for both kids and adults, whether it’s used in the classroom or at home! The patented design lets fingers rest in the proper position without causing any restrictions. It's soft and ergonomic so it feels more natural than other, similar pencil grips.